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Posted by Drew on November 01, 1999 at 17:37:52:

I have had problems with my feet for about 10 years now since they are quite flat. The last thing i needed
was an actual injury. I sprained my ankle in June. Most of the damage was to the flexor-hallusis tendon
and the "talus-tibular" joint. The damage to the tendon has given me significant "shin splint" type pain
running up to my knee and pain running down to my big toe. The pain is basically present 24 hours a day
whether i am walking or laying around. It certainly is annoying enough that it is affecting my work.

After months of little or no improvement, i was recently put in a cast. After 2.5 weeks, I had to cut the
cast off since all my toes were numb. Unfortunately, the numbness has not gone away with the removal
of the cast. Basically my big toe feels like someone dropped a brick on it and it throbs intensely all the
time. The smaller toes tingle most of the day. There are numerous places on the ball of my foot which
i can push to send tingling sensations up my toes. I think part of the numbness is due to the fact that
the tendon on top of my foot which controls the 4 small toes is very tight and my toes are pulled up at
what i consider a bad angle. Presumably it tightened up too much with the immobolization. However, i
have no idea why my big toe is so numb. I do know that the tendon which runs to the top of the big toe
is very irritated and spasms from time to time. (and i had none of these symptoms before the cast!)

Currently, i am still walking with crutches. I have also noticed that my foot looks very red sometimes
(while the one i am walking on is white). Is this possibly due to the lack of weight bearing? It definitely
seems that the numbness increases when my foot is red.

I will be going back to my doctor soon but i would welcome any suggestions or advice from anyone out
there. I had enough problems w/o the additional damage which has been caused by this cast. I get
more worried every day. I am normally an extremely active person and the only thing i really want to do is
hike. I keep visualizing this pain lasting indefinitely.....

thanks in advance.

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