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Posted by Laurel on December 08, 1999 at 23:59:12:

In Reply to: Pain/inflamation in Ball of foot posted by Monsta on September 25, 1999 at 14:12:23:

: Here's the deal:
: Training for 10k run. End of 55 minute run I felt a sharp, but not extreme pain in ball of right foot. I stayed off it for a week, seemed better, did a light run, found there was still some tendernes, stayed off it for another week, had some physio (ultrasound mostly plus some toe curling exercises). Foot got progressively worse. Had/have small bruise at pin point of pain which is just where the ball of the foot starts and the arch ends. Swelling of foot which is actually getting worse rather than better and has now progressed to the top of foot as well as underneath. I cannot put any pressure on the ball of my foot whatsoever as it is too painfull and now the whole metatarsel area is swolen. Nothing helps. I have and do use ice, heat, rest, elevation, soft insterts, ibuprofin, a cane and crutches. I've been limping and using the side of my foot for four weeks now. I had an X-ray about 3 weeks after the initial pain started and there are no fractures or abnormal sesmoid bones. I'm off to a specialist in a few days. I have a perscription for orthotics, but have to wait until I can walk properly again.

: I read a very brief article about infections in a recent runners world magazin, but cannot find much on internal infection on the internet (mostly external infection). Does anyone know anything about infections that cause inflamation and are not external? Has anyone had a similar problem? What did you do?

: Ta,
: Monsta

I had a burning sensation and callous on the ball of my foot and it turned out to be a bad hammer toe. I am having surgery to correct it. I assume that your x-rays would have shown this condition though.

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