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Posted by Rob on December 31, 1999 at 01:19:51:

In Reply to: Re: More ???? for Rob posted by Shep on December 30, 1999 at 15:08:12:

Shep----I can't say much of anything really helped the seemed to ache all the time....I guess soaking in hot / warm water helped temporarily; but it was iserable--always burned/ached.....I went into the wide toe box shoes--but by that time it was too late...once you rgot the ole' bunion that's all she wrote--maybe yu can keep it from getting worse with things such as toe spacers, wide toe box shooes etc..i'm not sure...but surgery is the only way to correct that I know of......I was always & am still active..It's not enough to get you down....a tradeoff like I had mentioned before---I got rid of the bunion pain totally; but gaind a few new pains due to surgery----maybe I didn't have enough therapy to break up scar tissue....not sure---but would I do it all over again---U BET ---I couldn't live with the bunion aching anymore...
no other foot problems to speak of.......& don't think any1 in my family had he problem....was just told it was a form of arthritis---seems to be true cause I have in other joints also...
take care,,,ROb

: : Rob...What did you do when you had the bunion to make it more comfortable? What types of work shoes did you wear - I think that makes a big difference in daily activities - I am also active - like to run and ski - Are you active - what did you do to comfort it when you had it - did soaking work? Did you use pads? Are you in the UK - did you have the surgery in the UK - how long were you on a list to get it? How do you think you got your bunion?
: did your bunion give you other foot problems (corns. etc)? Were you embarrased by the way the bunion made your foot look? thanks for sharing your experiences - I know that there are a lot of people out there - like Vanessa who are interested in hearng your expeirences. Thanks a lot and I'm glad your foot is feeling better. Shep

: Shep..I had surgery at 41 years old......
: : As far as making the bunion comfortable--hmmm nothing---it always seems to ache......Again when my do decided on surgery he said if 50% or more of the cartilage was gone he would put an implant in which was the case....I had this all done in 1996 and the toe is still kinds of still to this day..I traded in 1 pain and got 3 in return;;;but the good thing is that there is NO PAIN where the bunion was--that feels great.......I would have it done sometime--cause it doesn't get any can maybe keep it from progressing; but won't get better.....not sure why DOC thinks you are to young hmm ?? be comfy if you can..
: : God luck---i'd do er...
: : Rob

: :
: : : Rob thanks for your response and advice..i'm going to wait on surgery - doctor says i'm too young (35). How old were you when you had yours? What did you do when you had the bunion to make it comfortable? Why did you have surgery? Please share the history leading up to thr surgery - i know that I have some decisions ahead of me. thanks for your response and time. I really appreciate it. Shep

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