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Posted by Donna Baldwin on January 05, 2000 at 22:31:05:

In Reply to: Re: Feet Itch Intensely With No Visible Signs posted by Sharon Phillips on January 05, 2000 at 16:51:28:

: : My feet, mostly in the arches and sides begin to itch so intensely that it raises my blood pressure and I scratch hard until I use an athelets foot spray. It seems to come on all at once and mainly when I go to bed. There are no visible signs of peeling or redness. At first I thought it was dryness and tried lotion. But the lotion would bring on the itching. The itching when it comes on seems to be in one spot or small area. Would love to hear from anyone else who has experienced this.

: Donna
: I'm not sure that this will be of much help to you, but I have recently suffered from the same complaint. Late last year I also started to get extremely itchy feet. Like you it was largely confined to the arches and outer edges of my feet, though sometimes it would extend to the balls of my feet and toes too. And, similarly again, it is worst at night when I go to bed. There seems to be little accounting for the problem. Mine is not a constant problem; some nights I suffer with it and other nights it does not appear. Is your itching a constant or random thing?
: I do quite a lot of jogging and thought that might be the cause, or at least a contributing factor. So, for a while I stopped my jogging. It didn't seem to help at all as the irregular itching persisted. Like you I've tried creams and lotions, some of which seem to make it worse, but none improved the situation. Does your athletes foot spray alleviate the itching? If so I will get some for myself.
: Like you, my feet show no signs of irritation like redness or peeling skin. The itching is so intense that eventually I have to use my nails and scratch my soles. However, I have the added problem of having very ticklish feet and find that the scratching is nearly as unbearable as the itching. I have resorted to putting my feet into a bath of cold water. This brings some relief, but it is often temporary. Please let me know if the athletes foot spray (or anything else) has afforded you any real relief. Scratching aside I have no solutions at present.

: Sharon Phillips
Like you Sharon my itching is irregular and sometimes my heels itch but not my toes. When the
itching does occur, I get instant relief with Tinactin Liquid Spray. The only reason I tried it, is because my husband has always used it for his typical athelets foot problem and I figured why not. I was desperate!

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