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Posted by Trish on February 25, 2000 at 19:33:36:

In Reply to: Chronic Pain - tendonitus - I think. . . . posted by Rusty on January 18, 2000 at 10:07:55:

: A year ago I started a walking program and my foot began to hurt. I stopped to let it get better, but it hasn't. It hurts at the back of my foot, behind the ankle and down both sides to my heel. I went to a foot doctor, he did an MRI and didn't find anything. He said I needed physical therapy, but I can't afford to go. When I get up in the mornings, I have to be sure to stretch my foot or I hobble around in pain. I want to start weightlifting, but I'm not sure how to proceed so I don't reinjure my foot. Any suggestions? I would sure appreciate some.

Rusty, I have the same problem. The stretching is exactly what you need to be doing!! In my case, I am afflicted with both feet. My heel sticks out a bit further than normal, making the tendon have to extend further out. So I basically have short heel cords. It was pain that gradually worsened until it felt like it was on fire with pain. When I first had it checked,nothing showed up in the tests and so the doctor thought it wasn't anything. But I had so much pain, even just a light touch or the leg of my pant resting there and it hurt. I hadn't torn it or ruptured it but it was tearing.This has been for 3 years now and its something i just live with. I wear only my Birkenstocks sandals. I can't wear any sort of a heel lift whatsoever, because the change back to flat will overpull my tendon.I can't even wear shoes with backing at the heel because the rubbing irritates it. I take anti-inflamatories and I try to remember to stretch often. what a difference the stretching has made though!!! It used to be chronic, a constant handicapp that preventing me from doing a lot of things!! I tried to drive a stick shift truck and within 2 weeks, i could not walk at all, there was so much pain!!(well, I still can't do that-docs orders-) but mostly all else is better from the stretching. Wow i guess i just told you my life story, but the point is only that the stretching is good.I usually will soak my feet up to mid calf or so in warm/hot water then stretch immediately after taking my feet out. That way they are warm and flexible and won't rip when i stretch.

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