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Posted by Karen Almashy on March 20, 2000 at 10:45:26:

Sound Health Institute: 740-698-9119
Terrence Bugno, MD:708-947-0235
Jonathan Murphy, MD: 304-744-1318


Low Frequency Sound Stops Painful Attacks of Gout.

The recurrent attacks of joint pain known as gout has been shown to respond favorably and immediately to the presentation of low frequency sound.

Two physicians, Dr. Terrence Bugno and Dr. Jonathan Murphy have both substantiated the work and have confirmed that using low frequency sound has been used to alleviate the painful symptoms and inflammation associated gouty arthritis, a disease which effects over a million persons per year in the United States.

The technique is being developed by the Sound Health Research Institute, located in Albany, Ohio. In 1997, Dr. John Light, President of Hocking College, appeared in a film, Sonic Apothecary, that highlighted the studies being done by the non-profit firm that is affiliated with Hocking College. At the time, Dr. Light announced that Hocking College had the opportunity to be at the forefront of research dealing with alternative and complementary health. Dr. Light's vision has paid off as he and the founder of Sound Health Research, Sharry Edwards, join to announce that the foundational principles of the work of BioAcoustics have been substantiated with this groundbreaking work with gout. Although several projects are being developed simultaneously, the first major outcome to be announced has been the development of a treatment for the alleviation of gout pain.

Gout is a painful swelling and inflammation of the joints which mainly attacks the big toe. During clinic trials, the swelling and pain of gout was alleviated within a very short time; usually less than five minutes. For gout suffers this is a miracle, states physician, Dr. Jonathan Murphy of the Charleston, WVa's Center for Alternative Health. "I'm a gout sufferer. When I have a flare-up, it usually takes two-three days for the symptoms to subside and then I'm left with the unpleasant gastrointestinal side effects of the medication. It is hard to believe that you can actually watch the swelling and redness disappear unless you happen to be the one in pain. There is no doubt that the treatment developed through BioAcoustic reseaerchwill be a new lease on life for thousands of gout sufferers."

Dr. Terrence Bugno, a Chicago oncologist, has been working with the Albany, Ohio based Clinic for two years. He can confirm Dr. Murphy's findings. Although Dr. Bugno is not a gout sufferer, he has witnessed the results of the technique. "There really isn't a reliable blood test that can confirm what we are doing biochemically and that needs to be done. We know that we can eliminate the pain. I believe that further tests will verify that we can eliminate the biochemical reactions of gout, as well", Bugno states.

Both physicians agree that the medicine of the future is likely to be found using the foundational principles of BioAcoustics.

Edwards expects to continue the research with gout and other forms of arthritis. "When we have it completely perfected, we will then release the technique to a company for distribution to the public.", Edwards states. At the present, the only way the treatment is available is through the physicians and BioAcoustic practitioners that Edwards has trained. Edwards, a gout sufferer herself, hopes this simple, easy to use technique will soon be available to everyone.

For more information contact: Sound Health Research, PO 416, Albany, Ohio 45710

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