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Posted by Michael Gillan on March 26, 2000 at 03:30:10:

In Reply to: Re: oh my aching feet...please help posted by Carol on October 18, 1999 at 17:31:40:

: : I have had foot problems all my life.I have very high arches and very large bonions.I have tried every shoe made and every foot product made for foot pain but nothing works.I work alot of 10 hour days and stand on concrete floors with no mats and we are not aloud to sit.I make good money so i have to put up with it but my god i just dont know how much more pain i can take.I am in tears by the time i get home.My feet back and legs throb and are hot and swollin.I have gone as far to paying 200 dollars for some so called miracal featherspring foot supports that did nothing but cause more pain.I cant see a foot doctor because my insurance wont cover it unless i am a diabetic(go figure).I am in to much pain to even get my daily chores done witch is causing havic on my marrige.My husband helps as much as he can but is on the road most of the time.Is there any kind of mirical out there that i havent tried yet.someone please let me know if there is.I cant take it

: >> Check out all the posts on this site regarding Alznner orthotics. I just got mine a month ago and have noticed improvement. A friend of mine, a nurse on feet all day, swears by hers -- she's had 'em for 7 months. They're pricey (220) but I believe worth it. Good luck.

Try massage which is very gentle, simple uses no oil and no undressing.
This can be done by yourself just using a strap in your break.
Check down the broad band at the sides of the thigh which runs from the hip down to just past the knee.
This will probably be tight and sore.
The calves will also be sore.
These need stretching up to loosen them off and helping the legs to relax
I am a masseur and work with people who run for 24 hours to 16 days and have developed techniques for some of these problems.
I specialize in performance and recovery from this.
While this will not fix your foot problems it may relieve some of the symptoms and provide more comfort in the legs

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