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Posted by Phil on April 12, 2000 at 14:58:56:

In Reply to: Re: What is this thing on my foot??? posted by tdgal on March 30, 2000 at 23:56:04:

: Take sum rubbing alcohol and apply it to the whitish lesion on the bottom of your foot.If hte lesion goes somewhat clear and there are no little black spots in the center of the lesions, chances are very good you have what is called an Intractable Plantar Keratosis. This is a deep corn that is caused by excessive pressure to a prominence. Changing the shoe may not be enough pressure relief. Often these lesions take several weeks to resolve even if you are non weight bearing to the site.
Apply a sorbathane liner to the inside of the shoe and wear for several days to a week, long enough to allow a pressure pattern on the liner to form.
from the impression of the wear pattern find where the lesion spot is. Now apply a tear dropped shaped pad of 1/4" foam or felt to a site 1/4" behind that spot on the underneath side of hte pad.
If you feel relief of hte pressure site, but the leasion is still there give it some time. If there is no relief from the padding then you need to consult someone about making sure that the above mentioned lesion is what it appears as.
: You see the thing is i don't wear those boots anymore. I threw them out. Right now i either wear winter boots or sneakers (mostly sneakers). I will have to start wearing a western boot or riding boot soon for work this spring. But i've had this stupid thing on my foot for well it's been almost a year i think. And since it's directly in the Middle of the ball of my foot it's impossible not to put pressure on it. Is there any remedy to get rid of this? Or do i have to live with it forever? Yikes. Thanks.

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