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Posted by marilyn on April 23, 2000 at 16:42:01:

In Reply to: Aching Bones in Top of Feet - Help. posted by Alexandra on November 25, 1999 at 20:04:33:

: Does Anyone Know of Why I would only have pain on the top of my feet in the bones? Often, I can barely walk on my feet. The bottoms are just fine, but the bones in the top of my feet just ache. There are some days I have no pain, but lately I when I get up in the morning I have to shuffle. As the day wears on it gets better, but by 5 PM, my feet are aching.
Recently I thought I had broken my foot and had xrays taken which revealed I have arthritis, but no fracture. This is the wear and tear type arthritis. Still we do not know if this is the true source of the pain. I had gone on a long walk in the woods a month before and soon developed the pain on the top of the foot like under where your shoes lace,although I was not wearing lace-type shoes during the walk. I sympathize because if your pain is like mine, some days it radiates up the shin bone, ankle, and I can bearly move the foot or toes without nauseating pain and feeling like I could not bear another minute. Mind diversion is my only escape ,kind of like labor contractions! This pain does ebb and flow and if you don't move or touch(god forbid!) it can be bearable. I'm taking 400 mg of celebrax and I have a cream I rub on twice a day the pharmacist made up that is supposed to numb the nerves, but nothing much is helping yet. I would imagine at the end of the day, there is some feet swelling which may contribute to your increased pain. (Hope you didnt just lose most of this message!) Anyways, tomorrow I get fitted for some orthics, in the hope this will help. Also I am going to lose some more weight in hopes that will help, though I should think one would see that more on the bottom and not the top. Sorry, will let you know if anything really works, or if there is any diagnosis for this. My doctor, an arthritis specialist, said if nothing is working they will get a bone scan. Please let me know if you found relief. Meanwhile, estrogen, calcium, and any exercise(not jogging or bouncy aerobics) can't hurt!

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