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Posted by Rich on May 04, 2000 at 13:20:02:

In Reply to: Re: Bunion Surgery posted by julie on May 04, 2000 at 11:45:50:

I had the procedure done on my left foot about 7 years ago and didn't want to have the right foot done because the Doctor used a spinal instead of a local which the new Doctor I'm seeing is going to use. Is there any other treatment for bunions than major surgery? With the first surgery I was in a cast for about two months.
Rich: : : : : I am having the procedure done on the 20th June, 2000. I have been to see 2 specialists and both have said I will need to have both feet done and I will need to have 1 hammer toe on each foot done as well! From what i have heard I will be able to walk wihtout pain after the first two weeks, but I'll be without shoes for at least 6 weeks when I'll be wearing the post op shoes, which are really dorky! I have had a look at heaps of sites here on the net and have seen some before and after shots which really helps. I can't wait till I can wear strappy shoes again!

: : : : JoAnne...don't sweat the dorky mom and my aunts and I have all had both feet done and been there...done that! As soon as the doctor will let you, just do what we did!....Paint your nails and show them off. Good luck.

: : :
: : : I am 31 years old. bunions are hereditary in my family. Ovre the past few years the throbbing in the bone is getting worse. I am considering surgery but i have them in both feet. can the surgery be done at the same time for both? Im afraid that i wont do it again if i have to do it separately.

: : Hello,
: : I am still recovering from bunion surgery on April 6, 2000. Today is May 4th and I'm still not in a regular shoe. I think I will be in the next few days, but to the woman who is having the surgery in June, you will not be back into shoes in 2 wks, no way!!

: Hello again,
: I suppose I read the original message incorrectly. I thought it said the doctor said you would be back into shoes in 2 wks. But I've read it again and 6 wks sounds better. I only had the right foot done, and he had to realign the bone to the big toe in addition to cutting off the bone at the bunion. All in all it went well, but I would say just be prepared for a long recovery. I have a sit-down job and I missed 2 wks and 2 days. And since I've been back I still hold ice on it sometimes while I'm at work. It still swells every day and I'm told it will for awhile. But you really have to just lay around with it elevated and iced for about the first 2 wks. Julie

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