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Posted by Y on May 10, 2000 at 14:09:28:

This pain arose all of a sudden, no traumatic incident, just out of thin air. What started out feeling no more serious than a little bruise got so irritated that the tissue on the top of my
big toe joint was so tender I couldn't wear ANYthing that had material over that spot - Pain was over the bunion area, but on top of the big toe rather than to the side as they usually are described. I got a cortisone shot
and proceeded to only wear thong Birkenstocks for a solid week and a half, which alleviated the acute inflammation. But now, 3 weeks later,
the pain persists and now it hurts to walk even if I'm not wearing any shoes that put material over that spot.The tissue is no longer red or tender to the touch, it's more of a pain/stiffness of the joint itself and I wake up feeling that urge to 'crack the knuckle' and flex
the toe. Ive seen two podiatrists, gotten xrays. They show that my big toe bone rests higher than the other 4 toe bones, which is abnormal and possibly causing my problems, and there is some calcification to be seen along the joint line
but taping and orthotics don't seem to help. This pain literally came OUT OF THE BLUE a month ago. I woke up and put on shoe and it was aching and it hasn't gotten better since. I've been only wearing wide comfy shoes all my life [I'mjust 24!] and I can't imagine
surgery is in order, but that seems to be my pod's only remainign option. I don't even know what the surgery woudl entail because I don't SEE any bumps or whatnot to be excised. Any insight?

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