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Posted by David P. on May 12, 2000 at 12:56:54:

Good morning.

I have been running for only 4 weeks [now able to run 6 miles comfortably] and have recently injured
my left foot. If one views the outside of the left foot and imagines the ankle to be a clock face, at
approx. seven o' clock there is a deep pain when I push down with my fingers. This seems to be
the 'root' of the pain area, though when I walk, I feel pain on the underside of my foot as well which
causes me to hobble somewhat and prevents me from walking. However, when I press the
underside of my foot with my fingers I encounter no pain - it's only when I put my weight on the foot
that I feel the pain, akin, perhaps, to a large flat stone being placed in the bottom of my shoe while
I walk. Note, however, that although the 'root' of the pain appears to be located in the outside of my
foot just below the ankle, when I walk I feel no pain in this spot - it's only when I press on this area that
I feel the pain.

I have a suspicion that my shoes may be at fault [I have new Asics DS - a very stable shoe, so I am
told] as I can feel a similar 'sensation' in my right foot when I stand up and place all of my weight on
it. However, there is no pain as yet, merely a 'sensation' that has the same hallmarks of the pain that
I am currently experiencing in my left foot. Note also that there is no swelling or bruising, just this
damned pain on the outside of the of the foot which manifests itself on the underside when I walk/run.

My doc. has told me rest, elevation and warm soaks though if this fails, then an x-ray may be on
the cards. I've done some research on-line but can't find anything which relates to the symptoms
that I currently have. So, any thoughts as to what this problem might be?


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