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Posted by Jeff on June 12, 2000 at 03:29:38:

Hello.I am new to this message board. Stumbled on it by search.
Here is my problem which appears uncurable. 14 years ago, a problem surfaced with the skin of my
feet. It seem to appear out of no where at age of 21. The problem plagues me most severe now.
When my feet sweat, the skin becomes very itchy and when i scratch it, the skin literally feel off..many
many layers peel off down to the bloodline with NO pain.The areas are around the edges of the feet and around
the last toe. Also around the bottom of the big toe but rarely between the toes. The only thing that appears to
control are very hot water soaks right before bedtime and lotrimin but it reoccurs next few days.
The problem appears not to be athelete feet or any kind of fot fungus, but appears to come from the inside out.
The mystery about this is that the only thing that keeps me from the itching are the very hot water soaks before bedtime and
lotrimin but it never goes away.

Here are the clues to the problem I have:

1.Occurs around the edges of the feet but never the top, between the toes or heel.
2. the skin can peel completely off to the bloodline with NO pain
3. No talks, powders, athelete feet medicines work but lotrimin controls it slightly
4. Gets worse with thick cotton socks and becomes alittle better with thin cotton or polyester socks
5. very hot water soaks remove the itching for entire nights
6. The problem appears to come from the inside and not from fungus origin
7. The problem has been with me for 14 years and appears uncurable
8. The problem has spread to the groan area ( the sweaty areas only )
9. The problem doesnt seem to be affected by diet or lifestyle
10. the problem seem to have appeared out of no where

Anyone have a clue what the problem is and if there is a permenant cure ???
Does anyone else have this problem ?? What is the cure ??

Jeff Sherman

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