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Posted by Peter on June 15, 2000 at 20:28:52:

In Reply to: Re: Heel pain posted by Bad Feet on June 13, 2000 at 17:50:14:

: Hi, Peter and Sherry, I am sorry that you are going through lot of heel pain, I know how that feels. I have the same problem. Heel spur is what I found out that I have. No juices or baby asprins will help. Taking that first step in the morning is very painful for me and doing the day as I rest the right foot, the pain continue. These things may help you, but first, You must see a Foot Specialists. This is what I am told to do by my doctor. For pain, I take 600mg of ibuprofen, instead of putting your foot in hot water, place ice on it for 30 minutes or until the pain subsides. (put bag of ice in a towel), give get off your foot as much as possible. rest Please don't wait to long before you see a foot specialist, the longer you wait the more damage you will do. If hot water feels better to your heel, try adding white vinergar to the water. This helps the pain too. Please dont waited too long and developed a sac of fluid under the heel. It is very very painful. One of the main reason I have a heel spur is that I stand on cement floor on my job. About 9 to 10 hours a day. This places a lot of pressure on the inflamed muscle and ligiment that connect to your heel and your arch. I am closing out for now, I was hoping that some one had some input of the heel spur operation. Is it worth having surgery, will the foot ever function normally again. God Bless and Take Care. plantar fascitiis. I did start to take a multi-vitamin supplement a few weeks ago - every day for awhile. I thought maybe this sudden taking of a multi-vitamin might be the cause of this pain. Does anyone out there have any answers? I have also switched shoes, but don't think this is the problem. Thanks for amy help you can give. I was SHOCKED when I read your post! I thought maybe I had written it while asleep or something. I too have just started having pain in my right heel. I too have just started taking vitamins daily and I too had wondered if that could have something to do with the pain. I too bought new shoes but I bought mine after the pain started, thinking that old worn out shoes might be causinng the pain. But really they wern't that old or worn out. I wear nike sneakers and they were about a year old! Maybe we'll hear some suggestions to OUR problem soon!! Meanwhile 3 advil twice a day seems to help some.
: : : : : Thanks sharing your experiences Sherry. My foot pain started before I bought new shoes. Now I have a new pair of running shoes and new business shoes, but so far no relief. I have started to take a baby aspirin once a day, but this hasn't kickedin yet. I am putting an extra layer of foam padding in the heel of my work shoes, hopeful that this may relieve some of the stress. The pain is the worst when I first get up in the AM..then steadily lessens, however I still limp somewhat during each day. I am thinking of putting my foot in a tub of hot water each night to see if this helps. Have you tried this and does it help? Thanks for any further info you can send my way.

: : : : Peter,
: : : : I haven't tried soaking in hot water yet but it might help. I bought some gel heel pads and they really help. The foam didn't give me enough cushion. I also heard stretching your feet, something like a runner does before running, several times a day helps. I did this 3 times today but I had a very busy day at work today (retail sales) so I can't tell much difference right know, maybe it will make in the morning less painful. Sherry

: : : I like the idea of the gel pads and so maybe I'll try that. My shoes feel so tight though when I insert a foam pad, so don't know if the gel pads will be comfortable. I heard you could use a tennis ball to alleviate pain by rolling it under your foot, and try to pick up the ball with your toes and heel. I guess this is the type of stretching exercise you were talking about. Will try, along with the hot water. Hope it works. Thanks for the advice.

: : Still having much pain in the heel. It occured to me that maybe cranberry juice might cause this pain as I've been drinking alot of it lately..possibly too much vitamin C?? Also gout comes from too much wine, so could too much cranberry have a similar effect on your foot, only just in the heel area? Sherry, let me know if you have any info on this; anyone else ever researcxh this? I'm in pain, please help. Thanks.

* Thanks Bad Feet for the advice. I still have the pain in the AM when first getting out of bed, however things have improved over time, because my dr. gave me some of those gel pads for your shoes. I still favor one leg, and limp along, but generally am doing just takes time. At the rate I'm going I should be over this in another couple months. It is impossible to get an appt. with a podiatrist here, but I might try your suggestion of white vinegar in hot water. I tried hot water once and it did seem to help. I just hope things don't get worse and I have to have surgery. Like you, I don't even know if they do surgery on feet for this problem. Good luck - thanks for the input.

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