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Posted by Trina on July 19, 2000 at 12:03:57:

In Reply to: Severe Foot Skin Problem..Uncurable ??? posted by Jeff on June 12, 2000 at 03:29:38:


Hope you are still looking at this website...I may be able to help you.

I have experienced the same type of symptoms, and my dermatologist diagnosed me with having something called pustular psoriasis. I get the itchy blisters, and then the skin just peels away. Sometimes, it's not even blisters. The skin just itches, and then peels off. My first dermatologist had me on foot soaks with an over-th-counter soak called Domeboro. You might find more relief from itching with this added to your hot foot soaks. In addition, I was using a prescribed gel called temovate...which is hard on your feet (stings a bit), but works wonders. I now have it under control enough that I use a combination of prescribed medications. An ointment called Clobetasol, and opposite that, an ointment called Dovonex.

I would highly recommend going to your dermatologist to have them give you a correct diagnosis. Turns out that my psoriasis is may find this to be true as well (which is good, since some people fear my feet, but I just tell them they can't "catch it." My grandmother had what she called eczema, which occurred on her hands, and sometimes her feet and groin area. I too have experienced itching in the feet and groin area, and also on the nipples of my breasts. I treat the groin and nipple area with hydrocortizone (over-the-counter), but use the clobetasol and dovonex on my hands (as those symptoms are more like my feet).

Just a couple of other pointers:

1) Sun totally helps! The more I have my feet in the sun (a week of vacation in Hawaii did wonders!) the better. Even tanning in a booth appears to help.
2) Ironically enough though, mine is worse in the summer. Could be that my feet are sweating, and not getting enough air, even of i have sandals on.
3) I have heard from fellow psoriasis sufferers that taking North Atlantic Salmon Oil helps tremendously. Which makes sense, since I read in Self magazine that eating more fish appears to help sufferers of psoriasis as well. I haven't tried either of these, but I plan to.

The only thing to remember is that this is a lifetime disease. It cannot be cured, only controlled. I have to admit that I'm not very religious about applying my treatments, but know that when I am, it gets a whole lot better! :) I too didn't encounter the problems until my early 20's, so you're not the only one that was stumped! :)

Hope this helps!


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