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Posted by Harry on September 30, 2000 at 01:58:01:

In Reply to: mercury dust- PLEASE HELP! posted by steve on September 28, 2000 at 20:57:47:

: just a day ago i was handling a florecent lightbulb which inisde every florecent light there is something called "mercury dust" if you dont know. I think I got some on me, but im not sure. It is(Or so I heard) deadly if it gets on your skin. How can you tell if you have mercury dust on your skin?
: -Steve

Hi Steve,
As you may know mercury is one of the most toxic metals.It is found in some food, soil and water. As well as pesticides and fungacides. Some grains and seeds are treated with methyl mercury chlorine bleache that slowy gets into our food supply.This type of mercury contaminates our waters and it is found in the bigger fish that are higher up the food chain.Mercury is also found in many everyday things like dental fillings, florescent light bulbs, some polishes,wood perservatives, fabic softeners, inks that is used in printing, cosmetics and the list goes on.I think it is a major pollution problem in our country.

It is best to handle florescent bulbs very carefully.The mercury is in small amounts but is a cumulative poison. Just wash it off your skin.It is not deadly in small amounts.

Symptoms that indicate mercury toxicity in larger amounts are depression, hyperactivity, behavioral changes, irritability.According to The World Health Organization --Amalalgam dental fillings are the major source of mercury exposure. The "silver" fillings contain about 50% mercury and about 190 million Americans have these type fillings.

Vits E and Selenium 200mcg daily help neutralize the effect of mercury. There are many serious illnesses linked to mercury poisoning. You are right in being concerned.
God Bless---Harry

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