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Posted by Barbara Smith on October 28, 2000 at 21:25:32:

I am trying to find the cause of a chronic sensation in my genital area. This sensation is very difficult to describe. I can only describe it as a feeling of a constant need to urinate or a sort of internal itching in my genital area. When I am sitting the sensation makes me feel as if I need to go urinate or a kind of itching in my genital area. Although I get no relief, when I am sitting I feel I must straighten my back and put pressure on my genital area to try and relieve the sensation. The sensation makes me want to push down and tighten up the area. When I am reclining the sensation or feeling is still similar to when I am sitting but it is intensified by what I can only compare to a mild pre-orgasmic sensation. When I am reclining I do the same thing, raising up and crunching down. It is an uncontrollable feeling. When I try to stop my back and genital areas bother me and I have to exert pressure again to relieve it. If Iím nervous it is worse. I cross my legs a lot and squeeze while straightening up my back. It also feels like my bladder is involved, but Iíve had my bladder and kidneys checked out and they are okay. The urologist believed it to be a urinary tract infection or possibly interstitial cystitis. Subsequent cultures and tests negated both of these diagnoses. When Iím standing its not as bad. I can still feel the sensation in my genital area though. I am relieved only when I lay down flat or am sleeping.
I have had an infection in vertebrae, which has caused some deterioration though a MRI has shown no sign of nerve damage. I also underwent three rounds of chemotherapy to treat leukemia last year and was treated for many subsequent severe infections related to the treatment. I have been examined by my oncologist, an infectious disease specialist, an orthopedist, and a urologist and none have any idea of a possible diagnosis or treatment.
If you have any ideas, suggestions or have heard of or experienced this please contact me at [email protected]

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