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Posted by JK Welsh on November 19, 1999 at 20:29:13:

A tentative "hi" to all of you messageboard vets.
I'm new to this board and the whole subject- but having
radar/radio controlled F-4 Phantoms under p-stigmine (prepping for D-Storm) and then getting the phantom shots in Riyadh as an aircrewmember during the war, I look with nervousness on rash symptoms starting on me-always in the evening- and heart irregularities with some concern. I know, healthy for 9 years, what am I whining about? Just trying to learn from those who have gone before me and gutted out some really tough sledding. Hang in there. An honor to have served with
Now, this message may be too long and the board dudes may chop it off, but I have remained healthy and my lifestyle MAY have been part of the reason. I have also completed Redistered Nursing school since I got out and have some ideas that I will test and research through this board.
I'm going to investigate more before I post again, but I intend to look into the alternative med stuff, precisely because the traditional medicine training I have pushes me there. Example: Traditional medicine explains the function of the liver is as a "chemical rendering plant" that detoxifies the blood by attacking
"bad" substances by sending out "hitman" macrophage blood cells to eat up substances foreign to our bodies. Another way our amazing liver protects us is by making complementary substances that "bind" to dangerous substances, makes them harmless and easy for our bodies to handle, and we eliminate them from our bodies to haul out with the rest of the trash. However, some manmade substances are so weird and unrecognizable to our bodies- like the manmade (terribly toxic!) cleaning substance Xylene, that our liver has no way to counter it. Our bodies are so non-plussed by the substance that it doesn't even have a way to precipitate the poison out of our bodies.
People wind up with terrible health problems as a result of exposure to even trace amounts of Xylene. Even lead used to be like that- once it was in your bodies, tough luck, your bod doesn't have a fix. Then they came up chelation (key-LA-shun) therapy, where you drink doses of precipitating agent and the stuf would combine with the lead and then precip out of your system. Well, there is an alternative medicine (read in "natural herbal") stuff called milkthistle that is a system cleaner for exotic substances. Don't believe me; I got that from a herbal healthstore dude who was trying to help me with a friend I have who got into some Xylene. I would advise anyone interested to do what I plan to do; investigate carefully, checking out all the possible side effects ans only taking the recommended dosages from a reputable place established in your community.
How'd I last so long with no symptoms? I dunno. Luck, grace, lifestyle? Maybe my lucky days are past and now I'll be in the same struggle as those with more serious symptoms. Till now, I've been exercising lots (yes, 9 years), take vitamins plus extra zinc, vit C +E, work to lower stress, no smoking, a little wine. I'll be readin this message board to see what works for you folks, too. This is a pretty cool mesage board- my thanks to the board dudes for not making me commit an arm and leg just to test the waters. Seeya!

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