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Posted by Debbie on January 03, 2000 at 20:40:00:

In Reply to: Re: Cluster Headaches, Chemical Imbalances in the Brain & GWS posted by Todd on December 14, 1999 at 22:42:24:

: : : Hi to all Vets and their families,

: : : My husband served and, since his return he has suffered from extreme headaches with blurred vision. When he had his GW physical prior to leaving the Army, he was told that these were caused by stress. It seems all of his buddies who served and had their physicals were told their ailments were also the result of "stress". I heard a new study was done showing that brain scans have shown chemical imbalances in the brain of GW Vets. Does anyone have more info on this and was anyone who is reading this a part of the study.

: : : I would be interested in learning more, as my husband was recently diagnosed with a illness which is clearly a chemical imbalance in the brain.

: : : Anything you could tell me might help.

: : My husband has been through all the testing at our local VA and was found to have brain damage along with a lot of other things like seizures,stomach problems,joint,headache,rashes,anger,just to name a few they put him on medication for alot of these problems including the brain damage that they said was causing his seizures and then took him back off and said nothing was wrong so now he refuses to go back to the VA because they say something one time and tell somthing else the next.If you happen to find out any info please e-mail me at [email protected]

: I to am a gwv and have had the following problems if it helps. First my vision with spots and squigly's then a paralizing headache that I have had to go to the hospital for. Pains in my joints that appear for no reason and go with no treatment. Pains in my frontal lobe (same area of major headaches)that run all down my spine. blisters or ? that appear on my arms and the bottoms of my feet in no pattern. Had my appendix removed due to major stomach pain and after it was out they said didnt need to come out. still have stomach pain but getting used to it. Been diagnosed as bi-polar due to swings of rage to suicidle deppression.... medicated and stable now. diagnosed with Post traumatic stress disorder. Not all but that is the major stuff. Seems hard to believe that I'm turning 30 in two days and not 90. Still able to work full time so I guess that makes me lucky. somehow all the people with similar symptoms need to link together because I to have told the VA to BITE ME due to their worthlessnes. I'm not a conspiracy type guy, but with all the symptoms I just named does anyone else find it suspicious that I keep getting letters from the local VA doing everything just short of begging to get me back for their "STUDY". Those who never speak up are never heard, good luck and God Bless.

My husband is also a GWV with a lot of unexplained illnesses. We have been in and out of 8 different hospitals (4 of them VA) They are an absolute joke! We even went for the week long program in Birmingham, Al. and NOTHING. We have been turned down twice by the Va for benefits because nobody can diagnose him with anything. He has the headaches, fatigue, sores, muscle & joint aches and some sort of seizures. It is absolutely ridiculous that a person that went to war and served for this country can't get help from a VA. You sit there and wait for 3 hours for your appointment and you might as well have stayed home. We called that Dr. Haley in Texas that says this is coming from a chemical imbalance in the brain stem but he is not taking any patients right now. He saw his last patient in July. He is now working on his report on the findings of this study. They took our name, address and phone number and said they would call us if they start testing but what in the heck is a person supposed to do in the meantime? This is the craziest mess I have ever heard of. There are animals that get treated better than GWV's.

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