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Posted by Michael on January 20, 2000 at 13:40:15:

In Reply to: Re: VA Response posted by Sara on January 11, 2000 at 04:52:12:

: : :I've been fighting the same thing for the last 5 plus years. The problem seems to be in what is actually a diagnosis. For instance, one of the symptoms of undiagnosed illness is severe headaches. I ended up being treated for migraine much more severe can you get! Another was "sleep disorders" and Chronic Fatigue. I suffer from insomnia...a type of sleep disorder but because the doctor calls it insomnia, it is diagnosed, therefore, not under undiagnosed illness. Another one that I have going before the board of appeals now is hair loss. My hair is only half as thick as before but because the doctors cannot find a reason, it is "not known for the cause" but isn't an undiagnosed illness. Boy, am I confused. Bottom line, if a doctor, any doctor can put a name on it, it is diagnosed, therefore not under undiagnosed illness. If a doctor can't diagnose it, because VA doesn't have a "name" to look it up in the magic ratings book, it doesn't exist, therefore not under undiagnosed illness!

: Insist upon seeing an endocrinologist as the GW symptoms are just like endocrine imbalances...when one is exposed to too many
: chemicals the thyroid wears out! Leaving one with all those same symptoms!
: It is very common...this is likely the diagnosis you ahve been looking for.
: But to get them to admit it was the Gulf War chemicals, shots, etc. that caused it...
: another story.

At this time I take a total of 11 different medications for problems ranging from PTSD, depression, sleep disorders, painful joints, severe headaches, gastrointestinal problems, temper flareups and even to prevent heart attacks/strokes. I have been diagnosed with transverse myelitis, duodenal ulcer, cellulitis for bruises that occur on my leg, PTSD/depression, degenerative joint disease, hematomas that appear/disappear on my leg/back, bowel/bladder dysfunctions, and sleep apnea. As far as the VA, I had the head of General Internal Medicine at Durham VA Medical Center put in my chart that "that in his opinion I was exposed to an agent or agents during my persian gulf service that caused his immune system to be altered that in turn caused deficits in his nervous system. He has, in my opinion, a multiple sclerosis like disorder that was caused by exposures experienced during his persian gulf experience." This was made in June 1999, but the claims section who has had my appeal since October 1998 still cannot make a decision. In fact, I was contacted today that I now need to go for another VA disability physical 16 months after my appeal and 7 months after this doctor made this statement. If they cannot accept their own doctors assessments, whose will they use?

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