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Posted by A Mitchell on January 27, 2000 at 14:49:45:

I am a wife of a GW Vet. I have been very sick for the past 6 months. Symptems include bone/joint pain, fatigue, memory loss, shortness in breath, dizziness, a dull pain up the left side of my neck that gets worse when I have a dizzy spell, and usually end up with a migrane headace within 4 hrs after spells. Darvoset n-100 is not even helping my headaces now. I have been to several doctors and I'm not getting any answers. My medical history before GW was ZIP with the exception of the Births of our two girls. In the past 5 years all I have had was a hysterectomy and my Doctor couldn't explain why I was in so much pain all the time. Afterwords I was diagnosed with Abnotieses. I still don't understand that one. I have had no other problems until 6 months ago.

We received a letter in November 1999 that he needed to go to the VA Medical Center to get tested for this mycroplasma fermentans incognitus. He has many of the symptems, fatigue, bone/joint pain, and memory loss. We have just found out that his score that was returned to the VA from the "computer" to be chosen for this blood test was "a couple of points above the line". So he will not be tested for this. Ok that is all in well but my Doctors are at a loss at what is wrong with me but I can't get any of them to even listen to me that I am having the same problems that the GW Vets are having. Can anyone give me any suggestions? Please!!

Are there any other GWV wives having similar problems?

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