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Posted by Dianne on February 27, 2000 at 22:18:20:

> > I am the fiancé of a Nam vet.....On March 13, 2000 we are having a
> > demonstration at Waco, Texas, at the Veterans Administration Office,
> > located at 701 Clay Ave. The guys are calling this "OPERATION AMBUSH".
> > I was wondering if you could post this on all the Web Ring sites for
> > me....I'm new at this, that is why I'm asking for help. I will send you
> > here what the guys have typed out that they want posted.
> > Veterans, Citizens, join us in fighting the Veterans Administration's
> > treatment of Viet Nam and Gulf War Veterans Claims issues. Call (817)
> > 237-7676 or (817) 531-3581. The Combat Veterans of Texas Purpose and
> > Agenda.
> > 1. To unite the Viet Nam veterans, and register them to vote and assist
> > in claims filing and other services.
> > 2. To inform the American people of the real atrocity of the war, the
> > CHEMICAL TOXIC POISONING of our own troops, and the cover-up must
> > be addressed in a way as to not only expose the issue, but to take
> > steps to see that it doesn't happen again.
> > 3. To provide real help to the veterans and their families, Mentally,
> > Physically and Financially.
> > 4. To bring honor back to the Viet Nam Veterans, and their families
> > inform the people that the most HONORABLE men and women fought in
> > the Viet Nam War.
> > 5. To see the veterans are proper represented to review boards, that
> > are properly made up of the doctors that see and treat them, not
> > administrators and clerks that know nothing of their conditions or
> > their causes. (Currently there are no medical or psychological
> > doctors serving on Claims Review Boards. And clerks approve or deny
> > claims in a system that denials are encouraged, in the same manner
> > as Insurance company's to reduce payment).
> >
> > What we expect from these actions!
> > The plight of the Viet Nam Veteran has been ignored to long, The
> > Chemical Toxic Poisoning that our troops were exposed to must be
> > answered. Now, the Gulf War Veterans are experiencing the same
> > atrocities and denials as the Viet Nam Veteran has faced for years.
> > >From now on, this country can not ignore it's commitment to its
> > servicemen, nor will we tolerate the intentional misuse of our citizens
> > as guinea pigs for blind research for any form of weaponry, or good
> > intentions to benefit society. These practices must end. We will take
> > steps to see that there are consequences when the citizens of this
> > country are jeopardized by anyone inside or outside the government! We
> > will take care of those who already have suffered for so long, Mentally,
> > Physically, and Financially, their families, present, past and for those
> > of the future IMMEDIATELY! We as Veterans can no longer allow this to
> > continue! We must have CHANGE NOW.
> >
> > We would like to make one point clear, this is not a slap at the fine
> > doctors, nurses, aids and administrators that serve veterans everyday at
> > the hospitals and clinics around the country. These people have worked
> > hard for the veterans and have been patient and caring and we know have
> > put up with considerable stress from many veterans. They have served us
> > and understood our pain, giving help in some very unpleasant situations,
> > as sometimes veterans strike back at anyone with their frustrations. To
> > them we say THANK YOU.
> >
> > We have come to find out just how frustrated and supportive they are of
> > the ongoing treatment of veterans in general, and specifically Viet Nam
> > and Gulf War veterans. The actions we are now forced to take are not
> > aimed at these fine servants of the Veterans Administration. Our goals
> > aimed at the higher levels of the Veterans Administration, Military, and
> > Federal Government that cover-up the known facts, stall claims, refuse
> > to take care of our Veterans even though the causes and results are
> > known widely by the medical community and the people, and the Congress
> > has mandated then to resolve in favor of the Veteran!
> >
> > The guys want to Rally on Saturday and Sunday....March on
> > the above numbers for the time and place.
> >
> > I really would appreciate any help you could give me with this on
> > posting on other sites.
> >
> > Thank you,
> > Dianne Shultz

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