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Posted by Elburtie Alexander on April 26, 2000 at 13:29:17:

I would like to be in touch with anyone who is going thru Desert Storm Syndrome. My son was diagnosed three years
ago with the squalene antibody. The VA here in Lexington KY supposedly did not know that this antibody could cause rapid
weight loss, loss of teeth, diarrhea, loss of appetite as well as just feeling bad. He did as he was told and applied to the Department of Defense to be
counted as one of the many with the Gulf War Syndrome. After waiting a year (in which time he could not even work) he heard
back from the DOD that he did not me the criteria. Upon reading the paper work several of the items on the forms were incorrect.
They said that he had 50 lbs weight loss in 2 years instead of the the 2 months that it took him to lose the weight. They also had
his in country dates wrong as well as his rank. My son at that point told them to all kiss off and tried to start living his life again.
The VA had told him that his teeth were his problem and wouldn't even consider trying to get them fixed - or pulled. As it turned out
he hasn't been having to have them pulled very often as they are falling out.

A couple of months ago the VA contacted him and wanted him to come in for some tests. Upon talking
to this doctor he was assured that they would fix his teeth. This was a real turn around from three years ago
so I was starting to get really worried. They did a brain scan on him and are now telling him that he has clusters of dead brain
cells that is supposedly something that a lot of our GIs have. From what I understand the DOD has a data base and are spitting
out the names of the GIs that meet a certain criteria. The doctor says that my son is not the worse
case he has seen nor is he one of the least effected by this illness.

I'm not getting much info on line about the dead brain clusters. There is all kinds of stuff out there on the squalene. If anybody
has any info I would appreciate it.

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