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Posted by sarah on May 05, 2000 at 23:31:39:

In Reply to: GWS posted by Tammy Feeney on May 03, 2000 at 17:23:27:

: HI,
: My boyfriend of 5 years has GWS. He has headaches, trouble sleeping, fatigue, hand tremors, memory lose, joint pain, stomach problems, rashes on his back that come and go, and resently he started passing out. After an episode we would go to the hospital and they could find nothing wrong. They kept trying to say that he was depressed. They would not listen to things we were telling them and treating him terrible. I had to take him outside the VA hospital and pay out of my own pocket for a neurologist to have other tests run. That's when they did an EEG on his brain and found in the left frontal lobe seizure activity. They have now put him on seizure mediction and the pressure he felt behind his left eyes is better. He still has migraines, but has not passed out lately. Has anyone else saw the seizure activity. We have just now started to research this.
: Tammy
tammy,I was so glad you wrote back. My husband was stationed at fort bragg NC 82 airborn. Where was your boyfriend stationed?I couldn't find your e-mail address. How do I get it?My husband also has degenerative bone disorder. this may be why your boyfriends joints ache.My husband has 7 disks in his back that are ruptured and his dr. said it would be hard to find a dr. to do surgery because they don't think the screws will hold because his bones are so weak.Does your boyfriend get disability from the va?

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