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Posted by Jessica Fowler on May 22, 2000 at 12:58:45:

In Reply to: Re: children of people with gulf war syndrome posted by L. Jackson on May 21, 2000 at 11:12:41:

: : Both my husband & I served in the Gulf War from the start of the war onboard a ship. We spent 8 1/2 months over there, mainly in Saudi Arabi. Anyways, my oldest son was born 1 year after both my husband & I returned from there. My son breaks out in rashes all over his body. Doctors don't know what these rashes are & I've been told that he may have the measles, that they were scabies (the dr. did a skin test to see if it were scabies & it wasn't...then he goes, I don't know what it is, since it's not scabies)that he had chicken pox. So I said to the dr., just how many times is he going to break out in chicken pox? I told the doctor, this is the 7th time these sores appeared on his body. **I thought you only get the chicken pox once.** He gets blisters on his hands & feet. When he was in kindegarden, the school nurse called me in fear for his health. She said she sat in her office watching 3 knots gradually grow to the size of golf balls behind his left ear, one on his forehead & one on the back of his neck. All where his lymph nodes are. He gets upper respitory infections all of the time. One doctor said he is too YOUNG for them to be so CHRONIC & SEVERE & to get them so OFTEN. My youngest son, who was born 4 years later, gets blisters on his hands & feet, other than that, he doesn't have the other problems our oldest son has. My husband breaks out in the same rashes as my oldest son. I have multiple GW syndromes. So many, that I'm being medically discharged out of the Navy for. Thank You! And May GOD Bless Us All!

My boyfriend served in the gulf war. We now have a three month old son. He was premature but weighed a healthy 6lbs.1oz. Since birth he has had alot of sinus infections or upper respiratory infections. He is now suffering from bronchilitis and a sinus infection. We have to give him breathing treatments every eight hours for the next two weeks. I told the doctor that his father was in the gulf war he asked if he had asthma. I told the dr. that yes his father did have asthma but he did not have it before thwar. The only thing that the doctor said was that we would have to keep an eye on the baby because he has a good chance of having asthma.
I would like to know if anyone can give me any information about any of this. Please contact me at [email protected]
thank you. Jessica Fowler

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