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Posted by angela on May 29, 2000 at 00:57:26:

In Reply to: Heart disease and GWS: Is there a relationship? posted by Joanne on November 13, 1999 at 01:05:36:

: I'm appealing my VA claim. I had heart attack symptoms less than 8 months after returning from the Gulf. I was 36 and needed angioplasty for a 99% blockage in my heart artery. 5 years later I had a double by-pass with many complications that are still affecting me. Does anyone have any literature or information linking heart disease or heart problems to Gulf War Syndrome? Feel free to e-mail me.

: Thank-you,
: Joanne
dear Joanne Iam a widow of an Army vet, he was not
stationed in Saudi but was in HHC 137, we were
stationed in Germany for 3and a half years with
him, he was there 4 years total, the reason I came
back early, is our daughter who is now seven was
born in Germany, she has congential hypothyroidism
and six months after her father's death from a
massize heart attack, is all they told me, she is
diagnozed with a birth defect in her kidneys, I now
realize, none of this is by some wierd, or genetic
chance, but rather caused by gulf war syndrome.
while in Germany we had strange ailments,myself
an emergency appendictomy,while being 3months
pregnant, my husband had a kidney stone about
5 months after our daughters birth. he was very ill
we found out about our daughters birth defect,when
she was 4 months old. thing seemed right over there
At frist I thought, it was from the radiation
left over in germany from the Russian disaster,
maybe somewhat it was, but now I realize that even
though my Husband was not in the Gulf, he did clean
the equipment that came back from there and
received all the shots needed to go, because you
see he was in HHC 137, He even transfered to this
Unit so that he could go. At the last minute they
changed their minds and made ready, his old Unit
that He transferred from, HHC 237, so he did not
get to go,He used to tease me and say, what did you
do, prey to God and make sure I wouldn't get to
go to Saudi, well of Course I did every night.
Perhaps that is what kept him with us as long as it
did. Because from what I have read, some of the
Soldiers that went over there did not get to live
as long as my Husband did. My Husband Died 4 years
after his ETS form the Army. At the Age of 33
But at least his Five children and myself had the
pleasure of his company that long. NOW it is time
for his wife to speak out and for all the loved
ones left behind to have a voice. because if we
don't speak out, this will be swept under the
carpet, just like the Agent Orange Chemicals of
the Vietnam war. this is hard for me to write
all this and it has taken me two years to do so
but I want to make a difference, my husband
deserves that much. please write back and let
me know if i am right in all this, or if I'm just
plain NUTS. Please take care of yourself, and
let me know how you are doing from time to time
Angela.. PS. my Question is how do I get in
touch, with Support Groups in my area, I live in
a Small Town in SOUTH EAST OHIO. Thank you!!

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