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Posted by pete tynan on June 18, 2000 at 11:50:03:

In Reply to: Re: GWS posted by Tammy Feeney on May 07, 2000 at 12:18:55:

: : Hi Tammy,
: : Didn't see you e-mail I'll just write back to here. My husband was with the 3rd
: : armored division. He was with the divisional aviation unit. He was deployed out of Germany to the Gulf. His symptoms started in Kuwait. He was
: : med-evaced to Saudi and hospitalized there for a short time. He came back to Germany and was acutely ill. Things have progressed to a more chronic picture with symptoms that are at times worse then others.
: : We just got the results of the neuro-psych eval. He has a temporal lobe dysfunction. What was interesting about his findings is that the brain scan he had a few days later showed left temporal lobe abnormalities. No one is sure what the significance of these findins are. We are
: : still in search of someone who can sort this all out for us.
: : Keep in touch. Nancy
: Nancy
: My E-mail Address is [email protected] My boyfriend was in the 1st infantry division and wants to know if any alarms went off. Theirs did and they tested positive for Sarin and Mustard gas. Write back soon.
: Tammy
Hi, my name is pete tynan i too was in the 1st. and our allarms went off once. we were put into mop gear for 24 to 32 hrs. and then told all clear "false allarm". durring this time we were also instructed to take a "pb" tablet. when i took my mop gear off my chest and other body hair had grown radically. i dont mean darker or thicker, i mean dark and thick in places it hadnt been before. has antone else had a similar experiance?
also do you remember humerless medics not from your unit ariving with a special innoculation (just another "for whatever" shot) only these medics wouldnt tell us what it was, and acted really wierd when joked with about it. i know that somthing was changed in me durring this brief period of a fiew days by the hair growth. i came home from the gulf injured earlier than the rest of my unit and gut leave at home to recouperate. durring this time i showed my family and friends my new full chest of hair
they were all really freaked out, at the time i was just happy to be allive. all of this was observed way before any gws scandals so i know somthing i was given or exposed to durring this allarm period you mentioned probably caused some radical changes. hey mom im an x-files baby! seriously i now have intermittant leg aches, some keep me in bed or a hot tub all day. i am also as of a fiew years ago noticed a change in my abillity to deal with stress, concentrate, or controll impulsive behavior. i was never the most emotionally stable person but as of the last year
ive been unable to keep a job or deal reasonably with situations that cause stress. emotionally i feel like a 14 year old, and i just have a terible
sense of confusion that rarely lifts. it is often bad enough that i try to go with it and not care. oh yeah, my bowels went south shortly after the gulf war. how am i suposed to be able to patently deal with a complex process of dealing with the v.a. and aid apps. i dont even think ill ever be able to keep a real job again. gabba gabba hey.

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