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Posted by Wendy Davis on June 28, 2000 at 05:41:10:

In Reply to: Welcome to the Gulf War Syndrome Message Board posted by webmaster on August 30, 1998 at 00:06:29:

Hi everyone "out there"...

I was not in the G/W, but my youngest brother was. He willingly, without thinking for one minute that our military, government, and/or "whoever", would ever L I E to him about the purpose of the contaminants he so naively took .. and took ... and took! I really don't need to bend anyone's ear on THIS msg board about THIS subject!! What I really wanted to do is say "Thank You" so much to two wonderful ladies who I know only as Freda & Tammy, for taking the time & consideration for "being there" for a total stranger. I am an absolute relentless, tunnel-visioned individual, who, once aimed in the right direction & taking care of priorties first, (in this case, my brothers immediate concerns when he moves in next month), enjoys to the point of relishing it, "payback time". I'm living proof that the old saying "The pen is mightier than the sword" is so very, very true. I can't wait to start dealing out (24/7!), so much public embarrassment, harassment, aggravation, etc. that, hopefully, the guilty might sip some of the same cocktail they so freely FORCED on so many others. They'd find it a much quicker and far less painful mode of death. (compared to what I hope to dose out to them). P.S.S.*****
HAS ANYONE ELSE NOTICED IT'S BEEN M O N T H S SINCE ANY OF THE MAJOR MEDIA MEDIUMS HAVE AIRED AN UPDATE OR FOLLOW-UP PROGRAM OF ANY KIND?? Somethings not "kosher" about that, or am I mistaken & there have been?? I personally haven't even heard an "honorable mention" in a L O N G time. For anyone who may know my brother, pls contact me if you served w'him: EdWin Stroud, Jr.
I Co., 159th Aviation, Ft. Bragg..?
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