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Posted by Beth on July 25, 2000 at 08:46:14:

EVERYONE please read the recent research conducted by Tulane University regarding 'squalene antibodies' that have been found in ALL sick vets. Read about the 'secret' research test the DOD conducted in 1990. They were working on this illegal substance and somehow it ended up in the blood samples of ALL sick vets. PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE READ THE STUDY!! I am trying to find help for my husband, so you see, I have a reason for pursuing this heavily. I need others to rally so we can demand something to be done. This is a recently published essay, so please read it and lets do something to help our loved ones suffering from GWS. Just search 'squalene' in your search engine and dedicate yourself to finding out the TRUTH about the secret study the DOD conducted in 1990 (or just before that) and you will see the link between the sickness and this substance and how it implicates the DOD. By the way, the DOD has denied ever knowing anything about this until an investigation forced their hand and they can no longer deny it. But, they won't lift a finger to help the vets because they are basically saying, 'okay, we don't deny anymore, but those tests that the university did doesn't mean anything to us, so sorry. You're just going to have to make us help those sick guys...if you can'. Let's do something, people. I love my husband and I will fight this thing, but I am only one. I believe in the 'squalene' theory because of the DOD's reaction to it. Please learn about this research and contact me. We need to go to the top with this and demand help for the ones we love that 'they' screwed over. I won't take this lying down. My husband can't fight for himself now. He is like an angry, lost soul. This is not the man that everyone knew and loved. I know that you know what I am talking about. HELP ME STAND AND FIGHT WHAT THEY DID TO OUR SOLDIERS, MY HUSBAND, YOUR SON, DAUGHTER,....

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