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Posted by Freda H. Babinski on August 04, 2000 at 02:28:57:

In Reply to: Thank you posted by Steve Knight on August 03, 2000 at 05:52:00:

Hi Again Steve,
All together we have 3 dogs and 1 cat. We had another cat that we had had for several yrs. Very healthy and never sick and weighed about 12lbs. In 1994 he suddenly got very sick with a kidney infection that the Vet said he was too old to fight off. Sammy was only about 8yrs. old. I knew the real reason because all of our pets started having strange problems physically. Now we've alway's taken very good care of our pets and they are like our children since we have none. The others have arthritis, diarrhea (occationally), rectal bleeding, they are very sensitive to loud noises and the 2 larger dogs have knots all over their bodies. The one dog has had the same knot removed twice now and the Vet said if it comes back again, he'll have to take her leg because there's not enough skin for him to close the wound. This same dog is also going blind and the other large dog is going deaf. My husband's VA Nurse has seen our dogs and she has reported this all to Washington but she really doesn't think they are taking her seriuosly. We also have another cat that has some of these symptoms but we haven't had her but a couple of yrs. Our pets will die and we know this and that's why we fight so hard for help. Here is the number to call and report your problems about your pets. It's 800-497-6261, because Washington needs to know. Unless they get enough reports on the pets, they'll never investigate it. I alway's speak to Mr. Jim Reeves. He's very nice and he knows to expect calls from people like yourself. He's given me permission to give out his name and number. They need these calls. This is proof that what ever is making us all sick, is contagious. I do what I can to get people to stay on Washington but I can't do it alone. Believe me, your thoughts about your pets are not outragious. Thanks and you take care too. Please keep in touch.
: Hi Freda,

: Thank you for the url to the desert storm sight, and for your open offer to help.

: It's interesting what you've mentioned here about your pets having I've also herd of this with others, too.

: I have two interesting 'coincidents' like this. My dog developed a very large, cancerous tumor on his leg, several years afer the war (he survived the surgery and did well after that, though he's not with us anymore).

: The other involves a cat who I used to take care of for several months out of the year, while the owners traveled. She developed liver cancer, at a mere 7 years of age, and died.

: There was one other cat that is still alive, though...and she (the deceased) was a fat cat, which I understand can cause higher risk of such perhapse that was nothing but coincidence.

: Anyway, thanks for your words...I hope you and your husband find some relief, as well.

: I'll certainly check out that site.

: With love...
: Steve Knight

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