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Posted by Freda H. Babinski on August 07, 2000 at 21:04:00:

In Reply to: It seems to be down... posted by Steve Knight on August 07, 2000 at 05:13:35:

Hi Steve,
Please send me a way to forward you some info. that might help and I can also forward you that site or at least the address. I'm here my friend and not to condemn or hurt you but some things I can't give to you on this site. At least think about it.
: Hi Freda,

: The registry at seems to be...well...not there...or so it keeps on trying to tell me when I click on the link.

: I did view the list of companies deployed, and yes, my company is listed (144th MP company from Michigan).

: As to the other registry...Perhapse I'll give them a call tomorrow.

: I may, or may not, have enough lingering symptoms to be considered 'sick'...but I defenitly do have some symptomes still...Plus, I believe that the bottom line here has to do with the question of damage inflicted. I don't know if I'll ever fully recover, and I know that I have lost almost the entire third decade of my life to this.

: That, and the psychological effects alone (let alone past, present, and future health conditions) have been a sever amount of damage....perhapse all of it irreversible.

: Hmmmmm...would you believe that one of those "wonderful" psychological effects, has been hightening my dislike of talking to people via the phone?...It's true. I never really liked makeing calls (especially not to strangers) ever since as far back as I can remember...As of more recent years, it's almost been heightend to the degree of a phobia...(there is a clinical name for it, but I cant recall what it is). It's kinda embarasing to admit to.

: Consiquentially, I do most of my conversing via the net, e-mail, IRC, snail mail, or even face to face....It's like I said before, the psychological effects have been hell...not to mention, weird.

: ...Perhapse this would fit into the 'paranoia' catagory that some GWVs report?

: Right about now, I feel very silly about this but I'm going to swollow what little pride I have and admit this is admit that I'd love to know of any alternative methodes of contact (e-mail, web site, even snail mail) that they accept.

: Eh!...I do know that I am entitled to be on that registry (and even deserve compensation), so I'll likely just call them anyway...after playing with the phone (dialing and hanging up) for an hour or two.

: ...Sometimes, I think I am actually going crazy...Then I look around and realise...I'm already there! ;-)

: Take care, and thank you!
: Steve Knight

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