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Posted by Wendy Davis on August 22, 2000 at 04:10:59:

In Reply to: Re: vaccines posted by Beth on July 25, 2000 at 08:19:48:


I am very aware of the very article you mention and have tried repeatedly,(and unsuccessfully) to locate it again! My computer was hit by lightning and I lost hard drives, EVERYTHING...! Could you please send me the article or their site address? My youngest brother is wandering the streets and sleeping in shelters and missions or similiar because of what our esteemed Frankenstienic, Uncle "Sham" gov'mt did when they used these poor little lab rats for their perverted, warped, "bored & needing something FUN to do" pleasure! In shutting my mouth before I get dropped by aol, am I the only person who's noticed the total shut-down by the media pertaining to anything concerning this scandal/cover-up/mass murder topic? I mean, just when the biggest headliner of this century is exposed and DOCUMENTALLY PROVEN, lies laid open and forced admissions from our corrupt communistic Prez, military, etc....and the papers, television, newspapers ALL just CLAM-Up?? I've emailed my un-whitewashed opinion of the affair to Hardc opy, Inside Edition, Pros & Cons, and so on,...not one has even afforded me the courtesy of an acknowledgement that my letters were rec'd. Beth, pls answer and PLEASE forward me a copy of that study/research from Tulane? I may never at this late date be able to help my brother...(he's too far gone in paranoia and probably medically too), but before I've finisghed "playing" MY game, MY way, they will wish to whatever demon they worship that they'd cleaned up their laboratory a little better. God bless you and yours!what may be the culprit in the GWS. I will be contacting the immunologist that discovered this antibody. Read all that you can to make sure you understand what happened...the DOD's 'secret' testing on vets. You can e-mail me directly at [email protected] I am excellent with research and I am determined to find some help for my husband. Civilians must rally together and demand that the government do something because they have denied extremely incriminating reports and they will not help the sick vets. Start getting involved with the research that Tulane University is doing in regards to the 'squalene' discovery. Find out all you will be shocked.
: : My reserve unit was activated got Desert Storm. My Company was composed of 11Bravos. We taught the BCT portion of OSUT. The rest of the battalion were 13Bravos who taught the AIT portion of canooner OSUT. The 11B's received four more shots, vaccines, etc than other members of the battalion. We later learned that we were on levy to go to Saudi as combat replacements, thus the reason `1been 100% disabled due to major clinical depression and stress. I had worked for the IRS since 1982 without any major health problems. Our CO has died of cancer, our 1SG
: : made CSM and retired eight monthes later due to fatigue, Several guys have changed jobs, back and joint problems occur without obvious reasons and sexual dysfunction has happened to several of us ranging from lack of interest to impotence.

: : We live and were activated to Lawton/Ft Sill, OK.
: : I have been informed that GWS has affected a high percentage of vets in this area.

: : I took a self-eval and have over 90% of the symptons. I am in the process of a medical exam for my colon. The dr said that he wants to check for cancer.

: : So what do you think? Was my company given some type of vaccine (vaccine A?). @ half of us have symptons. I appreciate your reply.

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