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Posted by C. L. A. on August 22, 2000 at 17:49:14:

Depleted uranium is a MAJOR suspect in MANY thousands of cases of GWS, also apparently having caused birth defects in the offspring of some vets. The other suspected causes wouldn't account for hideous birth defects, still births and the enormous rise in childhood cancers in southern Iraq, a population not drinking diet sodas with Aspartame, or subjected to the innoculations, pills and pesticides that may have caused some of the other instances of GWI. There could be more than one strain of Gulf War Illness, depending on the specific exposure. Depleted uranium is both chemically toxic and significantly radioactive. When a depleted uranium projectile hits a tank, it become aerosol particulates that can readily be inhaled, can be carried by winds and run-off, and can contaminate water supplies. Soldiers were not warned of DU in the Gulf, where some would crawl into the wreckage of tanks struck by DU, but they've been warned to stay clear of tanks in Kosovo hit by NATO forces that used DU. Well before the Gulf War, the FAA had specific warnings to those cleaning up plane wreckage where DU was used as counter weights. Where an El Al Isreali passenger plane with DU counterweights crashed into blocks of apartment buildings in Amsterdam in 1992, Israelis at the crash site wore protective gear. Now over a thousand people living in the area of the crash or who were exposed to the wreckage have the host of symptoms resembling Gulf War Syndrome...Thousands of tons of DU were left as a waste product from nuclear weapons production, and there were EPA requirements for its handling a disposal to protect the environment and people from exposure, but the foul idea of converting it into weaponry and army plating was developed, and it is now tons of DU dust and debris are strewn over battlefields. Tungsten would work, without the associated risk, but there were greater costs in making tungsten sheathed projectiles, especially when converting waste DU into weaponry lessened disposal costs in dealing with a hazardous waste. DU weapons are SOLD to a score of nations that. may be in conflict with US forces in the future. Low dose radiation as would result from ingesting particles of DU has been found to impair the immune system, cause problems with joints, rashes, memory loss, depression, chronic fatigue and repiratory problems, and concentrates in some organs, like kidneys and testes. Few soldiers exposed were tested for DU after the Gulf, and there's been an effort to suppress investigation into it and discredit researchers who have pressed on the topic because the big brass in the military wants to retain this hideous weapon in its arsenal AND they don't want to be liable for the damage caused vets, their families and civilians in Iraq, Kosovo, Vieques, and some other areas were DU has been suspected of causing illness, deformities and death. Canada has done the sensible thing and gotten rid of its DU weapons. There needs to be a global ban on it. It will pose a threat to people in areas where it's been used LONG after the battles are over, very likely for generations. NATO wouldn't specify where they'd used DU in Kosovo, though they admitted using it. Due to this action, the water supply of 9 million people may be contaminated with radioactive particulates.

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