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Posted by Wendy on August 25, 2000 at 12:24:58:

In Reply to: new GWS study at Johns Hopkins posted by Katie Lucas on July 22, 2000 at 20:20:20:

:I mean no offense, only have good intentions when I say I'm almost positive this is a JOKE!! I went to this site to pull the application & info in hopes of helping my brother. I lost all doc's when my computer was struck by lightning, so I was stumbling thru cyberspace and FELL into much questionable material...Their funding is by the D.O.D.!! The dod are the ones who will be overseeing and diagnosing the patients individual medical results. ANYTHING the dod is involved in is crooked as h---!! They're also "graciously" helping vets "locate" and "retrieve in a more timely fashion", their medical records!!?? I would urge anyone who considers this as being light at the end of a tunnel; to do some serious investigating. I personally feel that it is an attempt to show how concernedand eager to help they are. N O T !!! Incidentally, there's nothing to even hint that GWS is caused by anything other than contaminated artillery, bombed blds containing that mean ol' chemical, and so on, and so on!!! They can all burn forever for using $$$$ that belongs to our disabled vets to try to once again LIE/COVER-UP/DENY and then throw much needed compensation monies away to polish up their image?????
thank you for letting me spit my anger out ..
Wendy Davis
: beginning at Johns Hopkins. Headed by an expert in
: Chronic Fatigue Syndrome, Dr. Peter C. Rowe, the
: study seeks to determine if those with Gulf War Syndrome have a treatable medical abnormality in the regulation of their blood pressure and/or heart rate. For more information please see the study website at
: The site includes a screening application. Please note that all testing and travel to Baltimore, Maryland are paid for by the study. In addition, participants receive a small payment for their time.

: Katie Lucas, MHS
: Co-Investigator
: [email protected]

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