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Posted by Jennifer on September 02, 1999 at 17:42:01:

In Reply to: GULF WAR BABIES posted by Jean Russell on August 29, 1999 at 18:16:04:

I am a mother of a very beutiful (now 7year old) gulf war baby girl. Actually she has been exceptionally healty as far as normal child hood sickness go. Her IQ is 130, but she does have a learning disability in Reading. I became preqnant when Johnnie returned from the Gulf War (91). I didn't know about all of the problems that people were having (veterans and families) until several months later.
The most important thing is stay healthy yourself!!! I started to have simular symptoms, as Johnnie had, several months after I found out I was pregnant. (aching joints & muscles, exhausion, +++more etc..) The doctors & I just put it off to being pregnant. I already had three children. Things just didn't seem right. I don't believe in abortion so I put my trust in God. This may sound strange, but after I started feeling bad, I decided to fight for myself and my unborn child. I religously ate healthy and I made sure I got plenty of exercise. The more exersise the more the blood flows through you and the baby. Plenty of oxygen! Didn't drink, Didn't Smoke. These are just common sense things that you should do anyway. I even joined Jazzersize. I did this until the eigth month (cause I started feeling discomfort). I had an exceptionally easy birth.
I wouldn't trade Jessica for the world.
Jessica just got the chicken pox a few months ago. I honestly can say that this is the first time that she has really been sick. She does occassionally get a strange high fever for no apparent reason and she does complain alot at night of aching bones and muscles. But I truly believe that they will fin a cure for these symptoms. The major thing is the learning disability (in reading). We are still struggeling with this. We are not giving up.
I hope you don't! Hang in there o.k.

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