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Posted by Steve Knight on August 29, 2000 at 00:36:51:


I just thought I'd pose a question to others who either are suffering with GWS, or know someone who is.

Like I said in one of my posts below, even though I did come up with a fairly long list of symptomes I was/am experiencing, I certainly was not remembering each and every single symptom.

Here's something that I neglected to mention...About nine months after returning home from the gulf war, I started having problems with fatigue, dizzieness, depression, migrain headaches, and various other stuff, which ultimately lead to me being a fairly inactive person.

My appetite really plumited. I don't know exactly when, but within a years time, I found myself suddenly balooning up in weight by ten pounds over the period of about one week. I went for a year with no change, carrying the extra weight around (which was no problem at the time), and then, BAM!...the exact same thing happened again...ten more pounds of fat appeared on me 'out of nowhere'...this happened one more time, about a year later, as well...

I know that these quick gains in weight stopped after the third time, though I did continue to was just more of a gradual thing. At my heaviest, I was a good two hundred ten pounds...probably a little over that.

I lost a lot of weight (about 30 pounds) do to a job I had briefly, but ended up loosing... I gained most of it back over several months.

There is nothing suspicious about that, but then, about a year ago I was back up around 200 pounds...when about last summer, I just started dropping it rappidly, without any clear reason.

Over roughly 4 months, I dropped down to about 150 pounds...which is light for me...I haven't been that small since before I joined the military.

I've been very gradually gaining weight, yet again...I'm somewhere in the 160 to 170 range (which is a very comfortable range for me). I seem to be fairly stable right now...

I was just wondering if anybody else with GWS has experienced this rappid weight gaining/loss, for no apparent reason?


Steve Knight

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