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Posted by Steve Knight on August 29, 2000 at 01:43:28:

In Reply to: What are the signs and symptoms in our pets? posted by Gulf War Vereran on August 28, 2000 at 19:24:50:


I'm sorry to learn of your dog's condition. I don't know if I've ever passed GWS on to a pet or not, but I did have two different suspicious circumstances with both my own dog, and a cat who I used to take care of for several months out of every year.

The dog, about 4 years ago, I guess it was, developed a very large tumor on the inside of his left leg...about the size of a tenis ball...or half of one, anyway...

He didn't really have any signs of illness, though he wasn't all that lively anymore, kinda lethargic like me, I suppose....and he'd gotten somewhat overweight.

We took him to the vet, had it removed, and that was the end of that...It was cancer though.

He didn't change any, though the cancer never seemed to reappear (probably one of the 'perks' of being an animal that doesn't live several decades, and hence never allows for ample time to develope more cancer).

He died about a year ago, but we don't know the cause, as he was never found...long story, but he was living with my oldest brother in the upper peninsela of Michigan...According to my brother, he was having trouble breathing earlier that day...he went outside but never came back.

It's quite possible he crossed paths with a bear, but he was never seen again, so nobody knows exactly how he died (presuming he did die)...He was about 11 years old, and was a house dog...well cared for, so he could have lasted several more years.

As to the cat, I used to live with that cat between four and five months out of ever year, for about three years. She was a heavy/fat cat, and seemed healthy enough until developing liver cancer. She degenerated over several months, and was put to sleep, bringing it to an end.

Once again, I was not aware of anything ill about her health. She just became sick and died. She was a young cat, only about seven years old.

So, these may not even be related to my own GWS, but they are interesting coincidences, at the least. My experience with them gave no major signs of ill health, until the tumor was found on the dog, and the cat started loosing a lot of weight.

So, aside from those two major things, there wasn't anything chronic that they seemed to be suffering from.

Hope things work out okay for you and your dog.

Steve Knight

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