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Posted by sling on August 29, 2000 at 21:47:10:

In Reply to: Re: Gulf War Syndrome culprit found - we have to do something posted by Beth on July 29, 2000 at 10:20:45:

I don't know about squalene, but will be doing a search on it: thank you for the info. As for Aspartame: I have GWS in quite a severe way, and have never drank diet soda. So there has to be something besides aspartame. Best wishes to all.

: Ray,
: Thank you for your reply. First I should say that '"I" did not state that "I" thought squalene is bad for the human body'. Secondly, I am familiar with aspartame. Thank you for the brief study summary.
: Here is the info on squalene (that I am referring to): Please see the GAO report to Jack Metcalf House of Representatives, Report #GAO/NSIAD-99-5. Also see the press release by Autoimmune Technologies, LLC, Contact name: Russell B. Wilson, Ph.D., President or Michael D. Charbonnet, LLC Manager (504) 529-9944. You may e-mail: [email protected] to get the release entitled, "New Antibodies discovered In Gulf War Syndrome Patients". You may also want to read the study by Tulane University in the Feb. 2000 issue of Experimental and Molecular Pathology known as the ASA Assay. However, the GAO report may be of the most interest to you. I should say that no where does it say that squalene is "bad for the human body". I am well aware that squalene is a ipid that occurs naturally in humans, animals and plants. However, since you are already aware of squalene, you then, should already know that squalene adjuvants can so powerfully affect the human body that squalene adjuvants are illegal. The DoD has already denied ever having any knowledge of such a substance (squalene adjuvants) much less ever experimented with it. Although, after that denial, the GAO has included in their report where the DoD HAS conducted research on the substance. Therefore, the DoD has changed their denial to a mere, 'well, we considered using the squalene adjuvant but decided against it'. Then how does the DoD explain the presence of the anit-squalene antibodies in ALL the sick vets???? Don't take my word for it. Please obtain the report for yourself and do your own reseach and see what you conclude. Ray, are you by chance with the DoD or affiliated with the goverment other than a (sick) Gulf War veteran? If you do not find this information, please, please give me your phone or fax or e-mail address. I will be more than happy to give it to anyone who asks.
: Thank you, Beth

: : Would you please show me, or send to me, your info on squalene? There are several different types of squalene and some are very, very beneficial to the human condition (olive squalene immediate comes to mind).

: : I am interested in learning why you think squalene is bad for the human body.

: : If you really want to see why your husband is sick, or why babies of GWV are deformed of deficient in some way, or why people appear to have MS, I suggest you read about what happens to aspartame at 87 degrees F. Or, what happens to the formaldehyde after ward. Or, what happens to the formic acid after it invades the body.

: : You will find that aspartame reaching a temp. of 87 degrees eventually turns into formic acid and when ingested into the body, the body eventually begins to kill itself by methane called methane acidosis.

: : Our vets were given soda by the case and it sat in the hot sun and formed huge amounts of formaldehyde and formic acid. If you don't believe me, go take a can of soda (fresh as possible) and test it for formaldehyde. You will find none, or very low amounts. Then, let it sit in the hot sun for a week, or heck, even a day, and then measure for levels of formaldehye and formic acid. You will find both.

: : Call Monsanto and ask them what happens to the human body when large amounts of formic acid is ingested...say the amount in two or three sodas. You will find that over a short period of time, all sorts of nasty things begin to develop, including terminal situations.

: : I wish all of you luck in correcting your health issues and the one thing I could offer to the vets presently suffering (or those taking care of them), cleanse your body of all its toxins and attempt to let it do the healing for you.

: : The doctors are not going to fix you and in this, only your body, through a slow process, stands a chance in healing you.

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