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Posted by Steve Knight on August 30, 2000 at 18:39:42:

In Reply to: TO BETH, PLEASE RESPOND!!!!! posted by Freda H. Babinski on August 29, 2000 at 23:34:21:

Hi Freda,

This is (apparently) the full url to the file Beth was posting.

It is a more recent report on squalene antibodies, and more specifically, it is about an actual test which was developed (and being pattented) for the explicite detection of these squalene antibodies.

Studies conducted are strongly showing that squalene antibodies are an likely indicator of GWS....and now we have a blood test which is specifically designed to detect squalene antibodies in the body...(it's not available for public use yet, though).

As far as Beths' second post talking about the DoDs responce...I only saw a blurb or two about the DoD...where they were making their same, tired, worn out denial, that "squalene was not used in vaccines administeres to the average soldier" (or something to that effect)...but how many times have they denied even the existance of vaccines with squalene in them being developed and tested experimentally, only to backtrack and/or admit telling a lie, after having other evidence to the contrary exposed?

...For that matter, how many times has the District of Columbia (and it's pet agencies), denied and covered up a lot of other human rights violations, which later came to light...long after it happened, and consiquencially, long after many victimised by it were dead?

Anyway, I roamed around that site a bit, but didn't find anything else (no other article) dealing specifically with a DoD responce...and I was kinda disappointed, since I'd also like to see more than just this basic line or two of denial which they endlessly parrot.

If there is more, I hope Beth gives us a direct link to it.

Steve Knight

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