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Posted by Freda H. Babinski on August 30, 2000 at 23:23:44:

Hi Steve
Thanks for looking that up and telling me what you found. Yes it does sound like the same ole crap. On the site I sent you on rating my poetry? If you're still having trouble, email the webmaster at [email protected] and tell them what you're having trouble with and they will help. Nice people and I have even more poems up now. PLUS, YOU CAN ALSO GET ON AOL AND THEN I CAN TALK TO YOU!!!!!!hint, hint. Did you read my other post that I put up here? It's called "What Needs To Be Done Concerning GWI (Syndrome)". Gotta tell ya though, I was pissed that night because of all this sadness, pain and unanswered questions that this lousy Government is putting us through but I still mean every word of it. There are so many things happening to our bodies that if this Govern. is waiting to lump them all together, they'll be waiting a long time. Jim Reeves (in Virginia, the one I keep giving out his #?) told me that what Washington is looking for is a large group of GWV ALL having the same symptoms (so they CAN connect it to the Gulf) and they haven't come across that yet. I told him "What, are they NUTS? Everyone's body is different and that's not gonna happen" and he said he knows that. That's why they're doing all these investigations and eliminating things one by one. Also that's why I push people to call him and report the pets, family members, etc. He too knows that this is contagious. He has to report ALL his calls to DC. I don't want people to give up or give in because every time this Government buries a Gulf War Veteran, that's money they don't have to pay and one less problem gone. I look at it this way, the one's sick (together) can consider themselves their own Army, Navy, etc. and they have every right to fight for what they've earned no matter what. Yes we're still gonna lose in the end but we don't have to lose the fight. We'll still have family members here and if nothing else, we need to do for them. Keep in touch sweetie and GET ON AOL, TELL THEM I SENT YOU AND I'LL SPLIT THE MONEY W/YOU, it's either $25 or $50 for each person that signs up. Just think 500 free hrs. I'll tell ya how to get extra time to use those hrs. too, FREE. See Ya!!! Thanks Again! Freda

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