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Posted by Steve Knight on September 06, 2000 at 04:59:58:

In Reply to: THANK YOU STEVE!!!! posted by Freda H. Babinski on August 30, 2000 at 23:23:44:

Hi Freda,

1) My online time is often spread somewhat much to do, so little time...but I promise, I'll return to that site and try to get registered.

2) I cant use AOL...because I'm cursed with a webtv box...I hope to rectify this situation at some point in the future...but having no income comming in right now makes that really hard.

I do have an instant messenger, but I don't use it...since the latest webtv software 'upgrade' actually made the quality of service plumet pretty baddly, and with all the bugs, it actually works better when I keep the messenger turned off.

I do IRC, though.

3) I called that Virginia office yesterday afternoon. I didn't reach Mr Reeves, but I did talk to another guy there. He's been quite helpful so far.

...Somehow, I managed to forget mentioning the pets, though...It was a long call, and we covered a lot of stuff. I was awful nervous (bad nerves, and a phobia of making phone calls) making that call. Guess I should have written it down on a note pad, like I did most of the other things I wanted to say/ask.

4) Yeah, they're dragging their feet...which is typical of the District of Columbia.

5) The whole slap in the face here is that, despite the fact that I have every intention to apply for disability benefits (as much as I can manage to squeeze out of them), we all know that no amount of benefits paid 'by' the US government will even carry the weight of quazi-justice.

The government does not make does not produce is not a business...It, therefore, has no money that it actually 'owns'.

Due to the nature of governments (especially in the USA), everything under the control of the government(s), is ultimately owned by citizenry of the applicable states, and the full union.

Governments have essentially three primary roles to is redistribution of wealth and resources, to 'balance out' the prosperity with the suffering...another is to attempt getting the largest percentage of the population to get along peacfully, which is where 'good' and bad statutes are born that try to dictate public policies...and then there's the role of taking care of things which just aren't practical for everybody else to do (such as militaries, building and maintaining roadways, that sort of thing).

The redistribution of wealth, is what we're looking at here. If the government ever awards us a disability pention, they will not be the ones paying us...It will be the American public who will ultimately be shafted into footing this bill, just like they do all other US government screw ups. It comes out of the pockets of good, decent people like us.

...Those actually responcible for all of this (and I'm including those rotten folks responcible for the continued denial and cover up) will likly never even have to answer for it, personally...much less pay for it.'s the thriving sector of America, which the government milks for funds to survive on, that ends up paying for this.

When you're a libertarian like myself, it almost makes you feel 'dirty' to actually accept (or go after) benefits 'from' the government, knowing all of this.

It's quite the quandry...and it bites no matter how you look at it.

I'll go after the disability benefits...after all, I'm entitled and I believe I've lost far more than anybody will ever be able to pay me for...

...but I will never like even one single bit of any of this situation...(with exception to the wonderful people I meet in the journey).

It's strictly about survival, now...That's the way I am thinking of this.

Steve Knight

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