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Posted by Steve Knight on September 06, 2000 at 21:20:53:

In Reply to: lymphomas/multiple sclerosis/brain tumors/mercury poisoning posted by Pissed off on September 04, 2000 at 18:36:11:

Hi PO,

I'm sorry to learn of your friends condition. It's tragic.

From the various information I've come accross, it seems that most of us gulf war vets are suffering from a rather wide range of illnesses and diseases.

Since there is no one specific disease, infection, etc, which can be associated with this wide range of symptoms, I tend to lean more towards accepting the theory that what has happened to us is that our immune systems were somehow damaged...and are now compromised, leaving us vulnerable to opportunistic diseases and the like.

When such a thing happens, then we find that the number and range of illnesses which can occure are wide open.

There are several compelling theories about what caused GWS...some of them do seem to fit nicely into the damaged immune system theory.

Anyway...given the facts that are known about GWS, I don't believe we are making to large of a leap in presumeing it is quite probable that your friends illnesses are a direct result from GWS...or more precisely, whatever it is causing GWS.

I would encourage him to go to the VA...or at least get himself officially on record as suffering these illnesses, and believing some connection to the gulf war.

No, I don't personally know any other vets who've developed cancer or least, I'm not aware of any other gulf war vets from my unit who've experienced such....but I've defenitly read stories of various forms of tumors and cancers in young, gulf war vets.

The depleted uranium....Yeah, that's some scary stuff, isn't it? Being exposed to a nuclear radiation can certainly cause cancer. I don't know a lot of indepth information on this subject, but I do know it is deadly stuff, with dire consequences, if you get exposed to enough of it.

What to do?...Well, there's a number posted on this board somewhere in one of Fredas' posts (perhapse she'll post it again, I don't have it right here with me) to a place in Virginia...They collect information from gulf war vets who believe they have GWS. This is done for the purpose of compiling information, to be able to make determinations about most frequent experiences in the gulf war, most frequent symptoms, etc...

They also give you information and support, pointing you in the right direction, to get the vet through the process of getting examined/tested, and hopefully securing disability benefits.

Lastly, I believe it is a very bad idea for a gulf war vet suffering from GWS to even be sexually active with another person, let alone reproducing.

There has been enough reports of GWS being contageous, even with those whom the vet is not sexually active with, but merely around a lot.

A GWS vet having children...well, I would never do it...not as things stand right now.

I hope things work out for your friend...There's always hope.

Steve Knight

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