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Posted by Freda H. Babinski on September 08, 2000 at 03:18:09:

In Reply to: This is true. posted by Steve Knight on September 07, 2000 at 18:02:40:

: Hi Freda...all...

: For anybody else out there who has Pauls' apparent misconception about GWS, it's important to keep in mind that the actual root cause (or causes) of this illness have not been conclusively proven...or if they have, then this information has not been made publically available.

: Although it's called 'gulf war syndrome', we do not know for a fact that what started this whole thing originated in the actual war theater, from environmental hazards in Iraq and Saudi Arabia.

: Inoculations with vaccines could be a contributor to the GWS epidemic. Gulf war vets are by no means the only soldiers who have been recieving inoculations...including some questionable vaccines, like the anthrax vaccine.

: If you've been following the news, you should have heard about the mandatory vaccinations which the DoD has been attempting to force soldiers to submit to...Despite serious concerns about the safety, as well as the necessity (and effectivness), of doing so.

: If inoculations are playing a role here (and I believe it is likely), then it should be no surprise when new groups of soldiers start showing simmilar symptomes and diseases.

: ...but it is still the same basic thing, regardless of what instigated the contraction of the illness. There is not tangable difference here, just because I recieved the shots because I was being sent off to serve in the gulf war, while another soldier was merely following orderes to accept the shots.

: As Freda pointed out, there is also the issue of contagiousness. There are enough examples of this on record, to be able to conclude that GWS is contagious.

: As such, you don't even need to have been in any branch of the service, much less fought in the gulf war, in order to be suffering from what is being refered to as 'gulf war syndrome'.

: Don't let the name 'gulf war syndrome' throw you off...It's just a label. It was noticed in us gulf war vets first, and that war may very well have been the birth of this it was named after that war...

: IMO, anybody could potentially contract this illness...even if only by repeated exposure to a GWV who has GWS.

: Steve Knight

Thanks Steve,
You're right, it's pretty much (as far as we know) a big guessing game on what's causing these symptoms, at least to the public anyway. It just absolutely amazes me at the amount of people who know so little, especially about what they can and can't do about it though. I'm talking about their rights as to filing a claim, getting their name on the National Registry, going to ANY VA hospital. All of this is their RIGHT to do. Then you have some that are well and not infected YET that don't seem to want to stick their neck out to help. My God, these people are hurt, angry and really scared. They just don't need anymore pain then they already got, what they (we) need is all the help we can get, no matter what it is. If more people got involved it would help, if nothing else but to just talk to them. I imagine that there's people out there that feel like nobody cares. How many homeless Veterans really are out there. Did people not learn anything from Vietnam or the other Wars? Take you for instance, I've already seen such a big change and it really didn't take much because I DO care. Just like I care about every story I read of a GWVeteran and his/her family or pets and just Look at you, you're on the board more and I read what you say to others, man you got allot of good in you that can really help and you're doing it. I'm so proud of you and I sure hope that you're proud of yourself. Keep it up my friend. "God Bless" Freda

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