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Posted by Steve Knight on September 08, 2000 at 04:16:34:

Hi all,

It's basically a whole lot of nothing, being said by the government...It's an article taking yet another chance to attempt striking down the validity (or tarnishing the credibility) of several of the main theories, and other scientific studies, on what is causing GWS.

I can sum it all up into one sentene...They're claiming "everything is inconclusive".

...No denial, or refute, mind you...Just their own witholding of their 'authoritative' blessing.

...Taking a few quotes, let's look at a few of these 'interesting' statements...shall we?...

"A comprehensive new report on the chronic illnesses suffered by some Gulf War veterans was unable to link their problems to a specific cause.

The Institute of Medicine studied the research done on several possible causes for the veterans' syndrome: the toxic nerve agent sarin; a drug used to pretreat against exposure to nerve gas; depleted uranium; and vaccines to prevent anthrax and botulism.

But the scientists said Thursday they could not find enough evidence to link the illnesses to any single cause."

Are they serious?...They start out by saying that GWS cant be linked to any one cause, then they proceed to list off several possible causes, showing that there is reason to believe that there is not one single cause, in the first place...and then they turn back around and repeat themselves by saying that none of these single causes can be linked to GWS symptomes...

My my....they love playing their little word/mind games to throw people off, don't they?

Of course, it's almost certainly not any one single may very well be a combination of all the mentioned theories, and then some...but that gives them no grounds on which to discredit all of these potential causes.

Attempting to discredit all of these possibilities merely because any one of them alone 'could not have' caused all those symptomes, is amazingly flimsy reasoning.

The Pentagon requested the study by the institute, an arm of the National Academy of Sciences, an independent agency chartered by Congress to provide scientific advice to the government.

Anytime the U.S. government has its' hand involved in 'scientific studies', those studies have to automatically become does not matter if the agency conducting it is purported to be 'independent'...the government (or actually, the American public) is still paying for it, and thus ultimatly holding all of influence over it.

"The study by the Institute of Medicine noted that British research has provided ``limited evidence of an association´´ with multiple vaccinations.

But it noted that 99 workers at Fort Detrick, Md., who received multiple vaccinations had been studied for 25 years with no clinical symptoms."

More classic they think studying a mere 99 people is better than the far larger numbers of people studied in the other various studies.

"Overall, the institute said, the available evidence is insufficient to show whether the multiple vaccinations have an effect on long-term health."

Oh! that is a favorite one of mine...If they don't even know whether or not these multiple vaccinations have a long term effect on the health of recipients...then what the hell were they doing administering them to us in the first place?

[Note: You may be thinking that I took the above quote out of context, but keep in mind that their basic premise here is that the evidence is 'inconclusive'...implying that they are neither confirming or denying anything...which means that they are saying 'they don't know'.]

This just goes to confirm that we really are their experimental lab rats.

"A survey of 20,000 troops within 50 miles of the stockpiles showed 99 percent reported no serious nerve illnesses, the report noted. It said that while high doses of the chemical are known to be dangerous, there is not enough information available on low doses to reach any conclusion."

First, when was that survey conducted?...Second, I don't know what the estimated percentage of GWS vets is...but I have no problem believing that the overwhelming majority of vets have not reported serious nerve illnesses, or other affects...A lot of us have suffered in silence...and many just don't understand what's happening to them...they don't just automatically make the connection...I didn't for several years.

"The committee said there were indications that the levels of uranium involved in the war do not lead to lung cancer or kidney damage. There was not enough evidence to determine if the uranium could be linked to other diseases."

..."indications" that it does not lead to lung cancer or kidney damage, huh?...Not enough evidence again?...Well, doesn't that just set your mind at ease?...(Yes, you did detect sarcasm).

"The typical vaccination reactions of redness, swelling and occasional fever were found, but the committee said there have not been enough scientific studies done to determine if there is any long-term adverse effect from the vaccine.

Botulinum vaccine is under investigation as a way to block the dangerous toxins of the form of food poisoning known as botulism. Again, the committee said there have not been sufficient studies to determine any long-term hazard."

My my!...Here we revisite just what I was talking about above..they don't even know what the long term health effects are of these vaccines, and right in this news article, they admit to this twice, in very simple, direct words.

Serious human rights violations have taken place...and that's not just personal opinion.

Just in case anybody out there is wondering why the U.S. government is dragging its' feet and's because this government has committed criminal violations of human rights...the level of which we can only tell over time.

Ultimately, it may end up being genesidal, in proportion....of course, they're not about ready to openly own up to this.

Anyway, take a gander at the article if you like...It's nothing new, just more...nothing from DC.

Fairly disheartening to read, though.

Steve Knight

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