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Posted by sherry on September 27, 2000 at 19:02:17:

In Reply to: My understanding of squalene... posted by Steve Knight on September 20, 2000 at 06:23:23:

: Hi Sherry,

: If you go to a search engine and do a search on 'squalene', it will probably find you some good articles on squalene, but here's what I have found out about laymens terms, since I'm not professionally familiar with this sort of thing.

: Squalene is supposed to be part of your cholesterol. It occures naturally in the body of all living things (or at least, all things that have cholesterol).

: Somewhere along the line, somebody figured out that adding squalene to a vaccine acted as an enhancer in the effectivness of the other vaccine...Whatever it was combined with, that would increase in potency.

: This sort of 'enhancer' in a vaccine is known as an adjuvent (I believe it's spelled). There are other adjuvents out there which have been used for far longer than squalene, and which have been approved for use in vaccines.

: As of yet, squalene, at least in the form it is in when used in vaccines, is not approved by the U.S. government for anything other than experimental studies.

: Now, the specific type of squalene that is said to have been in the anthrax vaccine (and speculated to have been in an HIV or AIDS vaccine, which was rumored to have possibly been seceretly administered to U.S. troops), is not squalene that comes from the human body.

: This specific type of squalene is supposed to have been taken from, that particular type of squalene is not a natural substance inside of the human body.

: How does this relate to squalene antibodies?

: The human body does not naturally turn on its' own self, hence, you would never find squalene antibodies naturally occuring in a human body.

: So, the question is, how did these antibodies get there?

: I've heard this theorised a couple of ways. One has to do with the shark squalene. Since it is not a human produced substance, it's treated as a foreign invader by the immune system, and antibodies are produced.

: This is why some scientists are saying that squalene antibodies in sick gulf war vets, is an indicator that we were given an experimental vaccine.

: Squalene, as an adjuvent, is an experimental substance, and there is no reason for us to have antibodies against it (which proves that the body fought off the invasion of this substance) inside our bodies. There is a high probability that it was put there by the vaccines administered to us.

: The other theory has to do with the various hazards we were exposed to...and speculates that the effects of chemical weapons, depleted uranium, etc, could have caused the body to react in such a way that it did start to attack its' own natural squalene.

: Anyway, squalene antibodies have been found to be associated with gulf war syndrome. Any normal, healthy person does not have these antibodies in their body.

: The reason to put squalene in a vaccine, is to simply enhance the effect of whatever it is combined with....which is pretty scary, when you think about it, especially if it was included in the anthrax vaccine (or something worse).

: Since it's experimental, they do not know what the long term effects of this substance is, on the human body.

: I'm not certain about side effects...again, it's still experimental, from what I understand.

: Here is the url to what looks to be a good article on squalene. I only looked it over briefly (since it's late/early and I'm about to go offline), though...So I don't know how indepth it gets, but it looked like it had some basic information on squalene in it.


: BTW, has a very good section with many articles on the vaccines given to gulf war vets...and, it's just a really good site.

: Hope this helps.

: Steve Knight
Thank you Steve a very informative reponse
Sherry Strickland

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