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Posted by [email protected] on October 04, 2000 at 12:39:10:

Dear Tami,
Your post interests me because the description of
the symptoms your daughter has been experiencing
are identical my whole family, my husband and all our
five children. I made a prior post on this board
about us being ill now since 1988, my husband and
I both fell ill, but there were symptoms like fatigue
for years we just didn't know it was leading to this.
Back in 1988, my children were only 5, 3, 15 months
and I was expecting our fourth. Slowly we began to
realize my children were sick witht the same thing
as us. The 5 year old had language delay, sleep
difficulties, ear infections, etc. The three year old
from birth had puffiness under his eyes, at four years had two bouts with pneumonia, was incredibly sick
for months afterwards, the younger two, I could just
look in their eyes and see something. Infectious
disease specialists, etc. have been no help at all.
Our family doctor diagnosed me with Post-Viral syndrome and left it at that. My children have had
difficulty catching flus and colds repeatedly, making
it to school everyday is a big challenge, we practically pry ourselves out of bed because we wake
up more tired than when we went to bed. All of them
were slow at learning to read.

The questions in my mind at the present is, if this
disease is contagious, in what manner is it...if it
is only through blood, birth or sex, than you would
have the disease along with your husband and daughter.
If you don't have the disease, than it seems likely
there is a casual transmission? If this is so, why
is it that I have yet to see in all these years any
of our children's close friends, or family friends
catch this thing?

The only other answer I could see in your situation
would be that of a contaminated vaccine, such as
and possibly your husband received one in the service
or even in childhood, and your child coincidentally
receiving a bad dose herself. What do you or your
husband think causes this disease? My heart goes out
to you and I know how awful it is to know something
is seriously wrong with your loved ones health and
not know what to do about it.

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