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Posted by SSG Dan Gleason US Army Ret on October 16, 2000 at 04:24:22:

I am one of many servicemen who answered the call to perform their duty when their country asked them. I am also one of the walking wounded that still has not received the answers to my questions that I have asked my government. Since I left service in May 1991, I have had several medical symptoms to numerous to mention and have had to continually adjust my life and goals in order to move on. I too have fought wars for my country, and find in infuriating to find that I have to fight my own government to take accountability and responsibilty for what has happened to all of us. I wake up each day wondering if we were all killed in the Gulf War and just have not found out yet. I wonder if our politicians really understand our fears and concerns for not only ourselves but our families as well. We speak, but do they hear? When you call politicians they give you the usual, "That is a serious concern, and my office will check into that and we will get back to you". We need to start holding them accountable for this statement. Most of us soldiers are used to carrying out orders and taking for granted that our superiors know what they are doing, and we don't ask questions or push for answers. The time for being polite is over. Push for answers, follow up and follow through. We went through one hell for them on the frontlines, why should we and our families go through another one at home. When you feel tired of asking questions and when we get tired of the stares from doctors who cannot figure out a physical problem and try to label us with mental disorders like PTSD and depression, remind them, thats what they told the veterans of Vietnam who had Agent Orange Syndrome. Remember that they work for you, you don't take orders from them anymore. Speak up, stay tough and stay in there. We all need each other here, just like we all needed each other in the Gulf to win. I cannot stress enough, DONT GIVE UP! I have fought these bureaucrats since I was discharged, and even though I don't win every battle, I gain a little ground, and I won't quit until I win this war at home. This war will not be won in 100 hours, but we will win as long as we keep fighting. Stay tough, stay hard. AIRBORNE!

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