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Posted by a concerned veteran on October 16, 2000 at 22:00:28:

I am glad that there are people like you out there who are trying to find answers.I have read most of your responces
to be very true and to the heart.But i also know that there is alot of misinformation out there , that our goverment
throws it out on the internet.i find it very hard to trust anybody or any sight out there.they say it is depression or
they say it's in your head they think we are all crazy that all of us is complaining of different ailments
because not one ailment is the same y'know, but yet our goverment denies everything or thows us of by
spilling the misinformation on the thought on this is bull ,because when it was time for us do the
job we did it without question.and if they know the answers then we deserve to know the truth.i am not
trying to start trouble but trying to find answers.someday the answer will be out there but i only hope that it comes
out there before i meet the creator.i am very tired being told by doctor after doctor that there is nothing
they can do for me or that i complain to much of my ailments or having people out there complain that
all were trying to do is resieve free money from our government.making up these ailments because this
is not true if we all were feeling good we could be productive people and to be able to enjoy life as we
used to be able to do when we were feeling good .I just wish our government would quite playing games
and tell us the turth so that we may enjoy the the things we once did. ALL my love goe's out to y'all
and may god bless you two! from one who cares mark

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