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Posted by civilian_casualty on October 18, 2000 at 09:25:26:

In Reply to: Bladder, Kidney's, Anger posted by Patricia on October 03, 2000 at 18:33:23:

I have a potential diagnosis test that can be performed to help determine why this is happening, though it is expensive. You can have a Spect Scan performed. A Spect scan shows blood flow distribution in the brain. It costs about $1500 dollars if paying out of pocket. In cases of toxic exposure (gulf war synd., etc.) there will often be abnormal blood perfusion (flow) in the brain. This blood flow problem is thought to caused by several different factors. One of these factors is incorrect levels of different neurotransmitters in the brain. Your husband cannot help his anger. He is not really himself. There is a chemical imbalance, and possibly minor brain impairment (due to reduced blood flow in the brain). Chemical imbalances can be corrected for. He is not crazy, or insane, or truly irrational per the textbooks, his behavior is most likely caused by the exposure he had. Something which is totally out of his control. If there is impairment to the brain from the toxicity or minor chemical imbalance, which is causing poor blood flow, a treatment is available! It can improve cerebral blood flow significantly. I have done it. It too is expensive unfortunately. It is called hyperbaric oxygen treatment, and in cases of headache, anger, head irritation, etc., caused by poor blood flow (which can be revealed by a Spect Scan), it will most likely help. I am not a doctor, but have had a gulf war like illness after a mysterious toxic exposure of some type. I have headache, numbness, muscle weakness, englarged prostate (4x), intestinal pain, chronic sinus irritation, minor tremors, hearing loss, muscle cramping, reduced lung capacity, some balance issues at times, etc. It is also interesting in that I have elevated uranium in my body (I understand that this is common in GWS).If you would like additional info, please let me know. The worst thing about this is dealing with the people who say that "there's not a problem," and then ask you to see a pysch. I have found many of the answers by seeing toxicologists. General practicioners do not have the expertise. Only two of the doctors who I have seen about of probably 30 were able to help. They were both toxicollogists. GWS is a toxicology related illness. I have more info if you're interested: I have read through most of the messages on the board, funn how so many sound just like what my Husband is going through. When he returned to Germany from the Gulf, he had a big stomach, and on his over 40 physical, they tried to say it was a beer gut, well he don't drink. So then they said well maybe a Hernia, NOT, finally after an MRI they found that his bladder was the size of a basketball. After draining more than 2 liters, they said that for some reason his prostate made a shelf and caused the problem. Still no reason for the prostate to of done this, in the mean time he was medically retired from the Army since he no longer had bladder muscles and had to self cather 4-5 times a day, and could not be deployed in unsanitized conditions. Being an Engr. that was like every where they went, unsanitized. So, he ended up with 40% disability. That was in 93, in 98 his left kidney failed temporary, still no reason for it. Tests, MRI's more tests more MRI's. Nothing could be found to say why this is happening. Slowly his anger developed. Normally he is pretty good at keeping his temper at check, normally it would take alot to make him go off, but as the days, months and years go by, it is getting worse.It has gotten to the point that I feel like I have to walk on eggshells, not knowing when or if he is going to explode. Driving with him scares me as he has gotten so road raged as they say. Don't cut him off or pull out in front of him, don't beep at him, he has, ended up following people who have done this, threatening to whip their butt's, going right up on their bumpers, beeping bakc at them after he has gotten behind them. I almost am afraid to ride with him when we have to go places. Sometimes it is just a small thing that won't work right, a program on the puter, a eletronic game, whatever, he might throw it, bang it against the floor or wall. Can't begin to tell you how much I have thrown out due to it. I have tried to talk to him, telling him at least go have it checked out, but he says there ain't nothing wrong. I know that we have been through alot over the years, since he came back from the Gulf, but it slowly started before the other things in our life happened. I have been married to him for over 27 yrs so I do know him, I just don't know what or where I can go from here to help him out. Lots of times I just shut my mouth and go into another room, many times I can't shut my mouth and do tell him that he is being irrational, knowing that he just might turn on me, hoping not but knowing that he could. Anyone who can help or guide me please do. I have talked to a few others who were in his unit, some say they are going through the same thing some say no. Bless all of you

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