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Posted by Atlanta on October 30, 2000 at 14:28:06:

In Reply to: Chronic Fatigue Syndrome/GWS : probable cause posted by [email protected] on October 03, 2000 at 18:46:10:

: I'm so glad I found this board. To make a long
: story short, in 1988, my husband and I fell
: very ill, and never recovered, subsequently arriving at the diagnosis of CFS. We realized
: looking back we had physical signs and symptoms
: for years of "something" working until we were
: very ill. At the time we had three children, age
: 5, 3, and 15 months, with another on the way.
: It didn't take long to realize we were all sick
: with the same thing. In fact, my children were
: sick from birth and remain ill. Our symptoms are
: virutally indistinguishable from Gulf War Syndrome. None of us served in the Gulf War.
: My children have been sick since birth. The only
: only thing that makes sense in our case is "something" passed between my husband and I
: and then through birth to our children.

: Now comes the interesting part. A few years
: into our disease we hear about sick veterans
: with Gulf War Syndrome. Sure sounds like CFS.
: What do we all have in common? Vaccinations.In
: particular, the polio vaccine. My husband and
: I received ours in the early 50's, in fact when
: it first came out. There were millions of us
: infected with contaminated vaccine, the vaccine
: harbors monkey virus's, read about it under the
: CCID web site. In fact, the polio vaccine given
: to the vets may have been contaminated with
: monkey viruses because the vaccine is still manufactured in monkey kidneys. The vaccine
: makers have even admitted that simian cytomegalovirus often slips through, and what
: about virus's they don't even screen for if they
: don't know they exist? The simian virus 40,
: which was discovered to contaminate the vaccines
: in the 50's to early 60's is now responsible for
: epidemics of cancer. My husband and I strongly
: feel the monkey virus's lurking in the polio
: vaccine are making children sick, the Gulf War
: Syndrome happens to be a big group given the
: shot all at once who ended up with a bad contaminated batch.

: I know people have theories about various vaccines,
: or pesticides, but the only thing that makes
: sense in our case, would be the polio vaccine,
: because like I said before, something has "passed"
: through sex and birth with my husband and children, this disease clearly is wreaking havoc
: with our immune systems, they already know what
: the monkey HIV virus does, so doesn't it seem
: likely we have another monkey virus involved
: here, maybe one that doesn't kill as quickly,
: but damages the immune system ? I wasn't in
: the gulf war, and the GWS sure sounds like
: CFS. What do we have in common, I think answering that question is the way to find the
: answers to these diseases.

: I appreciate anyones response to this, we have
: been sick for so long and I want answers to why
: we are sick.

: was making us ill. "

I believe you are correct in linking GWS to chronic fatigue syndrome. I learned in 1991 that CFS was caused by salt depletion. At that time, tv commercials were loaded with misinformation regarding salt and fat. These two nutrients are absolutely essential to good health. Restriction causes a metabolic disorder of water and sodium metabolism which leads to malaborption and malnutrition.

This disorder will destroy all organ systems. However, I have known of many who have completely recovered after having been ill for five years. It may not be possible to make a complete recovery after many years of salt restriction, but at least it will slow down the decomposition.

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